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Friday, November 30, 2012

I'm loving this yard sale page!

A while back I found a local yard sale page on Facebook. It is awesome!

I love shopping at consignment sales, but I don't like selling things in them because of all the rules... cardstock tags pinned in a certain way, hangers a certain type and way, must drop off at this time, etc. etc. Plus, they  typically take 30% of the profit, and another $6-$7 advertising fee.

With this page, I can post what I want to sell, and it sells pretty easy as long as it's priced right. It's harder to sell things over $10, but with enough persistence, it can be done. Plus, I get 100% of the profit! I just meet them down the street at the grocery store (I don't like having them come to our place because I don't know them).

So far, I have made about $350 over the past couple of months in selling the kids old toys and clothes!!!

Tomorrow, I am going to be making another $15. And there are a couple of other sells in the making to where I may make up to another $40 within the next few days. I know that's not a ton, but it's some extra cash, which is always nice!!

And I've still got about $100 worth of kids stuff alone to sell.

I've also been donating some things. The other day, we took a garbage bag full of toys to our old neighbors from our first apartment. And we given a way a few other things here and there.

I made a huge list of stuff that we needed to get rid of before Christmas, and I am determined to either sell or donate every bit of it, so that the kids have plenty of room for their new stuff. 


  1. I was on a few of those sites in my area.. I didn't try selling anything. People were asking so much for their things though!! There was someone asking $10 a piece for Disney VHS tapes! You can go to Goodwill right now and get them for 50 cents a piece! Also so many old, nasty, expired car seats. Lol. I might try getting on there and selling stuff again.

    That's so awesome that you are making money just by clearing out space in your house. Lol. I'm jealous.

    1. $10 for a VHS?? That is insane!! Hey, the plus side of a site like that... if you price your things reasonably, I'm sure people would buy them quickly!

  2. Wow! I'm glad you've found luck with it! I tried selling some of emerson's old clothes on there and people kept wanting to barter and then wanted me to drive 10 miles out of my way to sale them a $2 outfit. It just got on my nerves. lol I've had luck with the jack and jill consignment sale you get 70-75% of the earnings and its an $8 fee. For me, I made more and it was easier for me than to have a yard sale. I did have luck selling some old school books on the yard sale though!

    1. When I post things, I put "Must meet in Ringgold." on it. That way people don't say "Meet me at Kmart." Or something ridiculously out of the way. Like you, I refuse to drive that far for $2.

      I did consignment sales before Brentley was born, but I just can't find the time to prepare everything now. And still, at consignment sales, I only made a little over $100.

  3. There are two different ones I'm on, and I don't like one of them. There are way too many people on it, and it's mostly a waste of time to post things on there.
    But the other one I'm one is great. They have rules, and for the most part, people follow them, so it works well.

  4. Don't forget you are gonna get $15.00 on Sunday. I am so excited for that toy! lol Sam used to love that chair. it gave her something to do as she got older, since she couldn't sit u very well. My little brother would just run in circles around it in that chair. It was cute. I wish I would have gotten a video. Did the kids ever really play on it?

    That is awesome you have made so much! I like to look on there, but I don't buy a lot from there. I think I have bought one thing...maybe. And then the one you posted.

    1. Well, they were never fans of the chair lol, but they both loved to pull up on it and play with the stuff. Brentley still likes to play with it now sometimes, but he's got plenty of other things to play with lol.