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Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving's over... now what?

Well, for starters, school. I have four days left, and on every single one of those days I have an exam. Yay... note the sarcasm.
My last day is December 6th, then I will have finished this semester!

Aside from that, let the Christmas festivities begin!!

November 30th - We will be going to our bank because they are having a Christmas party. I love our bank because once a month they have some sort of party to show their appreciation for their customers. They're going to have Santa there, and Grace is very into Santa this year, so she will love that! And I like the fact that we will be able to take pictures because you can't ever take your own pictures in the mall, and they're crazy expensive to buy the ones they take.

Decemeber 2nd - Brittany and I are going to have a present wrapping day! Yay!

December 5th - We are going to get our family Christmas pictures done. I always plan a color scheme for us every year, and this year I ordered a shirt for Chris and some jewelry for me online to wear to match the outfits that I got the kids a month or so ago. I think the pictures are going to look great as long as the kids cooperate.

December 7th - We are going to the Christmas parade in our town!

And I'm not sure of the dates yet, but Grace and I will be going on the Polar Express, and we are going to get to ride in the car with Santa!
We will also be going to the Christmas house to see their set up as we do every year. Brentley will be able to walk around this year, so I'm sure he'll enjoy it!
And, my friend Ashley is going to come over one day and help Grace do the Cinderella gingerbread house she got her for her birthday!

And, at some point, my mom wants us to go shopping at the mall. I'm pretty much done shopping, but I do need to get a gift card for one of my cousin's kids. And we're going to let the kids play in the play area.

I also have four other kids I need to get something for. I wasn't planning on buying for my cousin's kids because I didn't think we'd be meeting this year (because of my aunt's surgery), but now that I know we will be, I'll have to get them something. I decided on a Wal-mart gift card for the older boy, some arts and crafts stuff for two of the girls, and the stack and roll cups for the baby boy.

And we're trying to find a way to juggle six different places to go within three days at Christmas. One Christmas eve, we have Chris' extended family, Chris' step dad's parents house, and Chris' mom's house. They all want us to come, and I just don't see how that's going to work.
Then we're going to do our own thing Christmas morning, go to my mom's around lunch time, and my dad's later in the evening.
The day after Christmas, we will be going to my extended family.
Holidays are so much more stressful now that I'm an adult!! I do like that I get to see everyone though. As a kid, my dad got all holidays per the divorce agreement, so I barely got to spend any time with my mom on holidays, and I always hated that.

I'm also going to attempt to get some Christmas crafts in there somewhere lol.

Anyway, as if you can't tell, we are going to be busy busy busy in December!
I'm just glad I won't have to worry about school anymore after the 6th... we'll at least for about a month I won't.

Ohh, and just because I feel like I need to mention this... Chris and I decided that, NEXT Christmas, we are going to get the kids a bunk bed! Grace is FINALLY sleeping in her own bed! So now, we're going to work on getting Brentley in his own bed, and by next Christmas, he will be plenty big enough to sleep in a regular bed. Plus, it will be a space saver. I don't know why, but I am really excited about that! Lol.


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun! I can't wait for our wrapping party.

    A bunk bed sounds awesome! They will probably really like that. I would definitely get one that comes apart for when they are older. My brother and I used to love having bunk beds!

  2. I can't either. Hopefully the kids will play so we can actually get some wrapping done lol. I'll have to bring some Christmas cookies or something.

    We've looked at a couple, but I have no idea where we're going to get it yet.We're going to start looking in January because it's going to cost a good chunk of money with having to buy two mattresses too, and we don't want that to be the only thing they get for Christmas, so we want to be able to pay it off.

  3. That'll be fun. Maybe we could let them bake cookies over here so they get some attention first, and then they will get bored and run off like they did when the decorated cookies Ha ha ha.

    I get what you mean. That is a pretty good chunk of money. How much is it looking like it will cost?

  4. Lol sounds good to me.

    The cheap bunk beds at Wal-Mart are almost $200 alone. And then, for two matresses (again from Wal-Mart), it's another almost $200, so we're looking at $400 minimum. But at least it will be spent on something they actually need. They can't sleep in toddler beds forever. That's the only way I can justify spending that much money on ONE thing lol. And, like I said, we don't want that to be the only thing we get them for Christmas, so our Christmas budget is going to have to get bigger next year lol.