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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Almost done...

Christmas shopping!

I took a trip to Dollar Tree the day before getting my wisdom teeth out. I mostly got things for their stockings... character bandaids, tooth brushes, some cute little ice packs, and some glitter for Grace's. I also got body wash, shampoo, and bubble bath for each of them to make them little bath sets as a gift. And I found a few things to decorate with, plus some wrapping paper. Love that store!

Here's a good bit of what we have for everyone. But it's not including the kitchen, Grace's bike, Brentley's tricycle, Grace's guitar, one thing we have for my dad, or one of the things I got for Chris... so mostly it's not including any of the big stuff because all of that is being stored in my mom's basement until Christmas.

I had to go through it all today and get it organized because I was storing it all over the house lol. I managed to get all the stuff on the table condensed into this...

And this is some of the stuff I have gotten to decorate with. The window clings, picture frames and ribbon are for a project I'm going to attempt. I always try to find an ornament that represents something about each child. I found a cute Dora ornament for Grace. Haven't been able to find anything for Brentley. I did find a very cute family ornament for us though! And the thing standing up in the middle is a countdown to Christmas type thing. I'm so ready to decorate!!! I was super excited because when I went to Hobby Lobby had all their Christmas stuff 50% off. I paid $4 for the Dora ornament and $2.50 for the family ornament!  I just have to get somebody with pretty handwriting to write our names on it. I also got the countdown to Christmas thing for about $4. The rest of the stuff I got at Dollar Tree. I swear, I could live in that store!!

Aside from finding an ornament that suits Brentley, all I need is one more trip to Wal-mart (mostly for edible things) and one more trip to Dollar Tree, and I will be completely finished Christmas shopping!

Side note on the wisdom teeth. It's not nearly as bad as everyone was telling me it would be. I slept through the worst of it the first day. I am so thankful that Chris was willing to watch the kids all day. I hated being away from them that long, but I think it was good for me to be able to rest it off. The first night was the worst part. I've been pretty much normal ever since. The meds work wonders! I don't have the shaking anymore, but I do get hot flashes... It so obvious that my body is not accustom to stuff like that. I barely ever even take aspirin lol. Still on a liquid/mushy foods diet though. I can't chew to save my life :p 


  1. How exciting! Looks like you got some good stuff. I wish I would have known Hobby Lobby was having a sale before last night. :) I like to see what they have. But looks like you got some cute decorations, and not a bad price at all on the ornaments! I can't wait to see your tree all decorated up. The Dollar Tree is a great place for stocking stuff. I have the worst time with stockings. I usually just do some candy and a gift card. Last year I just got Sam an app card. Jessie's had GameStop. (This year will probably be Academy Sports) and mine was Amazon to buy books. lol

    I am SO not trying to rush Fall away! I Love Fall. And all the activities that go with it. But once Thanksgiving is over, I will be all over decorating and getting ready for Christmas. We are going to get our tree the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

  2. I try to do things they need in stockings like tooth brushes and such. I don't like doing candy because it never gets eaten lol.

    I love fall, but I LOVE Christmas lol. I try to make Christmas last as long as I possibly can :p We put out tree up the day before Thanksgiving and don't take it down until New Years Eve.

  3. Ha. With us it does. Since we don't keep snacks in the house, when we get candy, it is gone in days.

    lol Yah. I get what you mean. I Love Christmas time too. We take ours down New Years Day. Ha. Now you got me looking forward to the new year! Seems like we just started this year.

  4. cute stuff. really like that santa key thing. we put up or tree today, but havent got it decorated yet. Love Christmas! want to have my tree up as long as possible! :)

  5. It really is crazy how fast this year has flown by! When I was putting together that collage of Grace's pictures, I was amazed at how much she has grown up in just three years. It's hard for me to remember her being a baby. Seems like she has always been my little big girl.

    And now Brentley is growing up on me. He's saying, "please" now!!