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Monday, November 19, 2012


We put up our tree tonight with the kids! Well, sort of. The kids started getting tired about half way through, so we put them to bed, and then I decorated the rest of the tree and everything else! Lol.

The top of our bathroom mirror.

Our stove.

Our nativity scene. Hey, it's kid friendly lol.

I told Grace she could put the reindeer on the fridge. She did it all by herself! I think she did a pretty good job!

The inside of our front door.

The kids' stockings.

The inside of our living room window. Complete with the picture frame decorations I made :)

These two things will go in the kitchen once we take our Thanksgiving decorations down. 

The outside :)

The outside of our living room window. 

The outside of our front door.
This is on our kitchen counter. Chris' grandma made it. She is no longer living, so it's very special to him. 
Our family ornament. I haven't gotten our names put on it yet, but I will. 

Grace's 2012 ornament.

One of Brentley's. I couldn't decide which one I liked better, so he got two lol.

And this is his other one. 

And... here is our Christmas tree!! :)

As I mentioned, there a couple of things we will be putting up in the kitchen once I take down our Thanksgiving things around the table. And we have several crafts we plan to do that will add to our decor, so there will probably be another decoration post sometime before Christmas, but this is most of it! :) I'm pleased with how it all turned out.
And strangely, this is the first time since we moved out of my mom's that it truly feels like home. Like, I was actually happy to be decorating here. I love that feeling! Like we actually belong here. I don't want this to be our permanent home, but I don't mind staying here until we buy a house!


  1. AH! I am so jealous! I was going to start decorating yesterday, but Jessie said not yet, not until after Thanksgiving. :(

    The decorations look great! I really like that you put those frames on both sides of the windows. Very nice. And that you guys decorate the window with lights and all. That is cool. There was a family who lived in the same apartment you live in, (But obviously on the side we lived on.) and I Loved seeing their house during the holidays because for Halloween that had those fake orange candles in the window. And Christmas they had lights...It was just neat and festive.

    Do you and Chris not have stockings?

    I always wondered what that light was on the counter. That is neat that she made it. How did she do it?

    Oh, and the tree is gorgeous! LOVE Christmas trees! Have you already started wrapping? Maybe if we can't shop together, since SOMEBODY had done most their shopping, we can wrap together some.

    Genius idea about the nativity. My little brother breaks a piece of my Mom's nativity every single year. Plus, it is a good opportunity to let them play with it while you tell them the story of Baby Jesus. :)

    Girl, I am so glad that you like living there. I felt so guilty after I tried to talk you into moving next year and then he was a douche to ya'll. I like that you live right down the road! lol

  2. Chris didn't want to, but I finally convinced him because I haad school today, his birthday is tomorrow, and then of course Thanksgiving. I didn't want to put it off lol.

    I love decorating. I was just telling Chris yesterday that I can't wait until we have a house so we can put lights all over the outside. I've always loved going and looking at Christmas lights on peoples' houses.

    We do have stockings, but we are both terrible at getting good stocking stuffers. We usually both end up with a stocking full of candy that never gets completely eaten, so we just don't do stockings anymore.

    His grandma made it with those little clear plastics cups and Christmas lights. She poked holes in the cups, poked the Christmas lights in the wholes, and hot glued the cups together to make a ball. She was very artistic. She was an amazing painter. She had murals painted all over the house, and when his grandpa died, his mom painted over them with regular wall paint. Chris was furious.
    We do have a painting she did though. I'm pretty sure it's one of the few that are left :(

    I haven't started wrapping at all. I have tons of wrapping paper though. I literally told myself I wasn't allowed to wrap until after Thanksgiving lol. We'll have a wrapping party!! Lol, hey now, who was it that was telling me you only have a few things left to buy?? :p

    Yeah, my kids could break solid gold I'm pretty sure, so I hate breakable stuff lol. Plus, it's just so darn cute lol. Grace was holding Jesus, and I was trying to tell her about Him, and she was like, "It's Bubba! Bubba's a baby." Lol, I was like, "Well, yeah. But that's not Bubba." :p

    I really do like it. Aside from moving in, and the threatening to evict us over nothing that one time, we haven't had any issues with him. And I love the neighborhood/neighbors. Plus, it's just such a nicer place than our last place was. I'm glad we moved here. We lived there close to a year now, and I'm not wanting to move yet. At our last place, we lived there for a few months, and I was dying to move lol.