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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Good news.

I found out today that we are still going to get to see my dad's side of the family for Christmas. We just aren't going to go to my aunt's house.

My cousin and her family lost their house during the tornado last year. The ONLY good thing about that is that they used to live about 45 minutes away, but instead of rebuilding there, they just bought a new house, which is about 5 minutes away. And, it's in a nice subdivision that has one of those pool house community type things that residents can use. We are going to use that a day or two after Christmas to have our family get together!
I'm excited because I barely ever see most of them! My aunt (that had the brain tumor) lives 45 minutes away, my other aunt lives over an hour away, one of my cousins lives 45 minutes in the other direction, one of my cousins lives in Scotland (yes, Scotland. He'll be flying in.), and I'm not even sure where my other cousin lives honestly. I know it's somewhere within an hour from here. But, needless to say, we never see most of them, so I'm glad we're still going to get together.

My aunt is doing well. She has a few more days of rehab and then she gets to go home. They did a biopsy of the tumor and it is NOT cancerous!!! Thank goodness!

On a side note: I got to see Breaking Dawn Part 2 today. Oh my goodness it was good! Best one of all of them! The ending was sooooo crazy. They did something completely unexpected with it, and I was literally on the edge of my seat saying, "WHAT??? That did not happen in the books!" I can't really say more without giving anything away, but I can say that the ending turned out to be epically amazing! The fangirl in me was pleased lol. I was very sad that it's over though :( I've still got 3 more Hunger Games movies, so yay!! Lol.


  1. That is great news! Oh my gosh. Do they live in White Oak Plantation? That is what it sounds like.

    Ha Ha Ha. You sound like me when a season of Dexter ends! Glad that you have more Hunger Games movies. Hopefully there will be another set of books for you to obsess over before the Hunger Games excitement is over. lol

  2. I haven't been to their house yet, so I'm not sure where it is. I know it's off Boynton Drive. Is that of Boynton Drive?

    Lol, Chris and I just recently got caught up on Dexter, but we don't have ShowTime, so we haven't been able to watch the season that's on right now :(

    Twilight was my first big series of books that I ever read. I remember when I got them, I was thinking, "Holy cow these books are big! I'll never finish even one." And then I had all four of them read within two months, and that was with me having to borrow the books. I've always loved reading, but that's what sparked my interest in reading major series like Hunger Games and Harry Potter. There are actually a couple of series out right now that I want to read, but don't have the money for the books lol.

    Ironically, I went to see the movie yesterday with the girl I originally borrowed the books from in the first place :) And they did this thing at the end where they went back and gave credit to everyone who ever played a role in any of the movies, even if they weren't in the last movie. It made me want to cry lol.

  3. Oh my goodness. You have no idea. I was sitting there with my hand over my mouth. My jaw was sitting on my lap. Lol. I was so mad at first! I had a very long e-mail complete with some colorful language that I was going to write to Stephanie Meyer. Lol! I was like 'There is no way she agreed to this'! I even cried a little. It was so amazing though. Best ending they could have came up with. Brian even loved it. I am so sad it's over. :( I'm going to read the books again, so maybe that will help. Lol. I'm also taking my mom to see the movie today. I'm excited.

    Glad everything is going to work out! I have no idea what we're doing for Christmas. Seth and Paige's mom pretty much has control over everything. She does every year. Gr. I don't know if we'll have them on Christmas or the day after. We always make Kayelynn wait so they can open them together. We haven't heard anything from any of my family about being invited. I hate waiting until the last minute to know what's going on!

  4. Oh me too girl! I was literally yelling out in the theater lol. I was like "That didn't happen!" "That definitely didn't happen!" "Was that Seth??" (I kept getting the wovles mixed up). "OMG that was Leah!" Then, the Edward part... I was thinking the same thing. Stephanie Meyer had NOTHING to do with this! And then it was over lol. Everyone in the movie theater was like "Oh thank God!"
    That Carlisle part was traumatizing lol.
    I loved the pages closing on the book too. Just everything about it was perfect!

    That sucks that she has control over everything. She should at least let you guys know some sort of plan.

  5. Yah. That is off Boynton Drive, Beautiful neighborhood!

    That is great! Did you get to see last season's? With Lumen? Awesome season! This season is even better. We have them on DVR if there is some way we can like send them to you or something idk?

    GIrl, I told you, go get a library card. You can go online and put them on hold. They will tell you when the books are ready. So you don't have to go and look around for them. They will just hand them to you when you come in or decide to check out. (I reserve books weather they are at my branch or have to be shipped from another branch, so that poor Samantha doesn't have to it there and wait for me to look around. I decide what I want by researching informational books online, so I just put it on hold on the computer.) I can't afford to buy the books I want to read all the time, so I just check them out. If I REALLY like them, I will order them from Amazon later on. I have a list of 6 books to order right now. Or McKays...McKays can be good. I am sure you know that.

  6. We watched the season with Lumen, but we just finished the season after that. Where the guy was killing people based off of the book of Revalations. There is another season after that that is on now, isn't there?

    I'm planning on getting a library card, but I don't think it'll help me much because the books I want to read are some of the most popular one out right now. They usually have super long waiting lists. And since they are so popular, McKays has them marked at like $12 a piece. I asked my dad to get me a gift card to Mckays (but I'm not sure if they do gift cards) or Barnes and Noble for Christmas so I can get books galore lol.

  7. Oh yah! Totally forgot. I am way behind. THAT SEASON WAS AWESOME!!! By far one of my favorites! I have only seen like the last 4 seasons though. Yah. The season that is on now is about a mofia and then there is a chick who kills people. It's crazy!

    Oh yah. I have been waiting for Hunger Games for my Mom for the last 4 months. I think McKays does do gift cards. Not 100% sure on that one though, but that would be cool.