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Sunday, November 4, 2012

I'm on my last nerve.

My =D has turned back into a -_-

Everything was great with the SUV yesterday. We used it to haul everything we needed to set up for Grace's party.
Today, Brittany and Sami rode in it with us to Cayle's birthday party. On the way there, it was fine. On the way back, the check engine light comes on. I literally wanted to facepalm. So once we got back, Brittany and Sami went home, and Chris jumped and we took it to Auto Zone.
It's a thermostat code, so either the thermostat itself or the thermostat sensor is bad. Both of those things are around $25, and Chris says he can fix it. At this point, I'm incredibly annoyed, but happy to hear it's not expensive and Chris can fix it.

When we get home, Chris calls his mom simply to tell her about the engine light coming on. She instantly goes on a rant about how she's not paying for it and not taking any money off of the amount we owe.
Well, we never asked her to do that. Once Chris got her calmed down, he told her that and told her that he was going to fix it. She instantly told him no. She said she doesn't trust him to fix it, and that it's still in her name until we finish paying it off, so he can't do it.
WTF? I mean seriously. Hello, we are buying it! If Chris messes up the car (which he wouldn't), then it's on us. If we decided we didn't want it, then we're out $2500 (what we put down).

She then proceeds to order him that he "will take it to Goodyear to like Camron fix it." Chris told her he didn't want to pay for the labor to have it fixed if he could fix it for free. Then she says, "Oh no, you're not going to get it fixed. Just have him reset the computer. The engine light has been coming on for awhile now, and I always just have him reset it to turn it off."
Oh, if anyone was ever capable of climbing through a phone, at that moment, it would have been me. She slipped up with that because she admitted that she has been LYING to us this whole time! She told us there was ABSOLUTELY NOTHING wrong with it. A check engine light coming on multiple times is not something that slips your mind!!!!

Then she wants to keep claiming that she is "cutting us a deal." She must really think we are idiots. With what we've already had to fix, still needing to get a new battery, and now this, it's about worth exactly what we're paying!

Anyway, she then told him that, if he's not taking it to Goodyear, we need to bring it back to her, and she will hold it until January when we pay it off completely.

I KNEW this was going to happen. I tried to tell Chris that she would dangle it in front of us like a dog with a bone and then pull it away. She hasn't changed one bit. She likes to put on a nice charade, but it is just that... This is not about me... this is about her grandkids. If it wasn't for them, I would have no issue driving my Cavalier until it could drive no more or I got a well-paying job.

Oh, and did I mentioned that she pitched a t-total fit when we cleaned it out? We had been asking if we could clean it out for weeks. We wanted to clean it before we even got it. She kept telling us no. Then, it's in our possession, and we kept asking her day after day if we could clean it. She was always "too busy." Well, we needed it cleaned for Grace's party, so we took it Thrusday and cleaned out all the shoes, cups, clothes, countless papers, cds, cigarette butts, trash, the list goes on. We threw all the trash away, stacked her papers, put the clothes and shoes in her room, put the dishes in the sink, etc. She calls up later cussing Chris out because we didn't wait for her and we left a big mess. If there was a big mess, it was because someone else went through the stuff (which I would not put past her other son at all). I swear, she will find anything to gripe about.

I'm seriously at the point now where I want to say that I give up. It's causing Chris and me to argue, and it's causing a massive amount of stress. I told Chris to fix it anyway. What is she going to do? Call the police and report that he son fixed her car (that he is in the process of purchasing)?


  1. I am telling you, this lady is driving ME nuts! I am sorry, girl. I know you really love that car, but it sounds like she is trying to rip ya'll. I'd hate to see ya'll pay that much for a car and then it break down and it be something big, but I guess that is a chance we all take when we get a car. However, like I told you before, and I know you know, if she lets it sit there all winter until ya'll pay it off...that's not gonna be pretty. :/

    1. I know girl. I'm seriously contemplating just letting her have it back. I do love it, but we can find something else. I thought we could trust her to be honest with us about any issues, but she's no better than any random Joe on Craigslist.
      If it's going to sit until January, we will not be buying it. I'm just going to call it off, get my money, and buy something else.