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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thanksgiving activities!

I got a Thanksgiving banner and a couple of little Thanksgiving activities for Grace from Target the other day. We did them today, and I hung the banner up :)

Our kitchen :)
The thankful turkey :)
She didn't quite understand what being thankful meant. I explained it to her, and then tried to ask her what she was thankful for, and she just kept saying "butterflies!" So, I wrote "butterflies" on one of the feathers, and for the rest of them, I would name three things, and she would pick one. We ended up with butterflies, mommy and daddy, Brentley, food, and our car lol.

I couldn't find a black marker, so we used gray, and it didn't show up very well. It''s still cute though!
We had another turkey, but it was too hard for her to do, so I did it, then I let her put the extra stickers it came with on a piece of orange construction paper.

And, what's a post without Brentley in it, too??
He's sporting his new outfit from Children's Place! 

We got the food today, so we have everything we need for Thanksgiving! I also have their Thanksgiving outfits picked out as well. Hopefully I'll remember to take pictures this year! Two years ago, I didn't get any good pictures of Grace, and last year, I forgot to take pictures all together. I'm determined to get good ones this year!


  1. That is an adorable activity! (Love her hair up too!) This year, I have just asked Sam what she is thankful for every single day...I think we may continue to do it even after Thanksgiving. We are not having as much of a problem with her acting spoiled.

    Ha. Brentley probably woke up right after I left, didn't he? My shopping trip to the store was no fun...Just kidding. We were in and out in a minute. But when I saw the STOVE TOP stuffing, I thought of you. :)

  2. Grace is apparently very thankful for butterflies lol.

    He actually stayed asleep until almost 6 lol. We went to the store at 6:30. Lol at the Stove Top stuffing. My mom is goofy :p

  3. Ha Ha Ha. That would be Sam too. She Loves her butterflies.

    Oh wow. Is that normal for him? You are lucky! lol