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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Grace's birthday!

My little girl is officially three!!!

We had reserved the building next to my dad's church (which his church owns) for Grace's party. Well, when we got there this morning, there were cars and people everywhere. When we asked them what was up and explained that we had reserved the building. They basically just told us tough luck. They were doing some sort of "prayer garden" behind that building, and they "had to get it done today." We went to my dad's church, but there was no one of any help there.

I was panicking because our apartment just really isn't big enough. Luckily, it was in the 70's and sunny today, so we finally decided on the playground. We got a pavilion with two tables under it and we just made it work.

My dad finally called me after we were already setting up at the park. He said he called the guy who reserved the building for us, and the people who were gardening hadn't gotten permission to be there that day. They just assumed it was okay. I was none too pleased with any of that, but I was determined to give my little girl a happy birthday.

In the end, we had a pretty good turn out. My mom, dad, brother, and sister. Brittany and Sami. Chris's mom, brother, step dad, and two of his cousins. And, of course, Chris, Brentley, me, and the birthday girl!

We still tried to stick with the Candyland theme... we had candy spread on the tables, a little Candyland building on one of the tables, and Candyland cake, and the colored walkway. Oh, and Grace had a candy themed outfit that my nana made her. The tutu had candy pieces on it and she had a candy necklace :)

The cake I made for her.

Blowing out her candles!

Then we added the "3" sparkler. She liked it!

Brentley enjoyed the cake lol.

Present time!

There were about twice this many presents, but we forgot to take a pic before she started opening them.

She got a LeapPad2 and an outfit from us, a Dora table from Chris's mom and step dad, a hooded Princess towel and a LeapPad accessory kit from my mom, a singing Christmas bear from my aunt (sent with my dad), Candyland and a matching game from Brittany and Sami, a Barbie and a craft kit from Chris's cousins, and a foam baseball bat, some plastic balls, a pink baseball glove, and the Dora gymnastics DVD (which came with a twirling ribbon) from my dad. 

If you can't tell, my dad is obsessed with baseball/softball. Lonnnnnng story.

After we got everything home and in order, we headed back out to take her for a birthday dinner. 

Here they are in the Trailblazer! Yes, they are strapped. We're using the LATCH system.
And here she is at her birthday dinner :)
After all the drama of this morning, things turned out well. Grace was excited to have a party at the playground lol. I'm just glad it wasn't cold/windy/rainy/etc. 


  1. Looks awesome!! Thank goodness the weather worked out for you!

    Her outfit was so cute! And I love love love the cake you made!!

    Looks like her birthday party turned out really well!

  2. Party was awesome! I really loved the cake! We can't wait to come over and and decorate the cookies. :) I hope Grace enjoys her games...LOVE the car. Can't wait to see it when it isn't filled with stuff. And uh...oh, yah, what restaurant is that? :)

    1. Grace will be so excited to get to decorate. I'm glad the stuff won't go to waste :)

      Haha yeah, it was packed. Took us forever to get all the presents and stuff in the house :p It's all cleaned out now though. We're determined to keep it de-cluttered.

      It's Shogun. Grace loves it there because of the fire and such lol.

  3. Looks like a good time :) That cake is really cool! My boys have that bear that reads the night before christmas, they love it. Got it round Christmas last year and they listened to it every night til the batteries went out. lol.

    1. Lol, Grace and Brentley both really like it too. It's cute!