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Monday, November 12, 2012

Things are fixing to get busy again!

We had about two weeks of nothing of importance, but that's about to end.

The 21st is Chris' birthday, and we're going to go see the remake of Red Dawn, which comes out that day.
*I didn't connect that Chris' birthday was the day before Thanksgiving, which means we'll probably put the tree up two days before Thanksgiving instead of the day before!

Then, the next day is, of course, Thanksgiving.

Dec. 3rd is my dad's birthday, so we'll be doing something with him I'm sure, and I plan on making him this cake... I have found that I really like making cakes. I may not be great at it, but it's fun!

Dec. 5th, we're going to get our family Christmas pictures done!! I always love doing that. Chris hates it lol.

The rest of the month, we will be doing other things related to Christmas, such as visiting a local house that lavishly decorates (we go there every year), visiting Santa at the mall, having a Christmas movie marathon, etc. Oh, and Chris' mom wants to take Grace on "The Polar Express." Well, I didn't think Brentley was ready yet, so Chris agreed to watch him, and I'm supposed to go with Grace and Chris' mom. I haven't been around her since the ordeal with the suv, but I'm willing to play nice so Grace can enjoy something like that.

I'm not really sure how our actual Christmas festivities are going to go this year. We typically go to Chris' mom's house on Christmas Eve, have our own Christmas on Christmas morning, see my mom during the afternoon of Christmas, go to my aunt's (on my dad's side) the evening of Christmas, and go to my dad's the day after Christmas.
Well, my aunt just had brain surgery to remove a tumor. Luckily that surgery went exceptionally well. They figured that she would be in IUC for at least 3 days, and they weren't sure how her memory and speech would be effected . She was only in IUC for a day, and she is walking, talking, and her memory is perfectly fine! So thankful for all of that! Even still, I don't think she will be hosting Christmas at her house this year. That may just be too much for her. I'll miss that because we've gone there every year since I was a baby, but I completely understand.

Anyway, I'm just posting because I'm bored. Grace is at gymnastics with Chris and Brentley is napping in my lap, so I figured I'd post something :)


  1. I didn't know Chris's birthday was coming up. I guess I didn't even think about it. How old is he gonna be now? 30? :p

    What are you talking about, girl? I Love your cakes! They are so cute! They may not have 100 tiers and be completely perfect, but they are super cute, and considering you just started, I'd say you are doing pretty well.

    I hope you guys enjoy the Polar Express! I am sure Grace will! You will have to let me know how that goes.

    I am glad to hear the surgery went well! That is scary! Should she need anything else after she gets out of the hospital? Or is she good now?

  2. Haha yep! He's going to be 24 lol.

    Thanks :) I would love to have like a cake decorating business. There is a huge market for that right now, but I just don't have the money or time to get it going. Maybe once I graduate and get a job, I can do that for some extra cash, and I'll just keep doing cake for my relatives as practice in the mean time :)

    Chris' mom wants to get tickets where we get to ride in the car with Santa. Grace is all about Santa this year, so I know she will love it if she can ride with him!

    They moved her to Parkridge for extensive rehab. Apparently she is in a good bit of pain right now :/ I'm not sure what the rehab is for either. Still, they say she is doing very well!