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Saturday, December 1, 2012

You learn something new everyday...

Well, I already knew it, but my knowledge was tested today.

Last night, Brentley was STILL showing symptoms of this supposed stomach bug. *TMI* He had major diarrhea the entire time he was on the anti-nausea medicine, and as soon as we ran out of it, he threw up again. And two more times after that, plus more diarrhea. This was last night.
His pediatrician's office is open from 11 - 2 on Saturdays, so I knew I needed to get him in today to make sure everything was okay. His tongue and lips were looking a bit dry, so I was concerned about dehydration again.

So, I took him in at 11:45. He hadn't thrown up since about 2 am, so I could tell he was doing better, but I still wanted to have him checked out.
We saw the same lady we saw Tuesday... she's not our regular pediatrician. She tells me that he just has a very persistent stomach bug (I'm thinking Grace passed some germs back to him maybe). Then she proceeds to tell me that my breastmilk could be what is irritating his stomach because "dairy" doesn't mix well with stomach viruses. My first thought was... I'm not a cow. I don't produce dairy.
Then she tells me that she wants me to keep him off breastmilk for 24 hours to see if that helps. Sirens were going off in my head for two reasons...

1. If you've ever breastfed, you know how incredibly difficult that is. They are attached to me. He knows they are there, and he's old enough to understand that they are there. It's not like I can hide them from his sight. I knew that was never going to go over well.

2. Breastmilk is full of anti-bodies.

My mommy instincts were telling me that she was wrong, so I went home and raised the question to a breastfeeding forum that I'm on. Oh my goodness, the outrage of those women! They were calling her (I didn't use her name) uneducated, an idiot, etc., and telling me to never go back to her. I got over 50 comments all confirming what my instincts were telling me... to keep feeding him.

So, he has continued to feed today,and he has had no issues at all. My dad has self-diagnosed Brentley with Celiac disease because he thinks Brentley has had this "stomach virus" for way too long. I am inclined to agree that this has taken a long time to work it's way out of his system, but I'm not so quick to jump on the Celiac train. It does run in our family, and if Brentley were to continued to show symptoms over the next few days, then I plan on bringing it up to his regular pediatrician on Tuesday (at his 15 month check up), but I don't really think that's what's going on here. I really hope it's not!! 


  1. What exactly is celiac disease? I know you mentioned it in one of the texts you sent me, but I didn't have time to reply to that part.

    I really hope everything is okay. :/

  2. It's basically like your digestive tract is allergic to all things wheat. If something has wheat in it, then it will irritate your digestive tract, and you get sick. That's really all I know about it. My cousin and aunt on my dad's side have it.

    I want to say he doesn't have it, but there are some things that worry me. Like the sensitive gag reflex he developed. It actually coincides with right about the time he started eating a good bit of solid foods. Idk... it just makes me nervous for him. It's not deadly or anything, but you have to be on a strict diet and watch what you eat very carefully. I don't want that type of life forced on him, you know?

  3. I would understand not giving him anything for 24 hours maybe just sips here or there but I don't understand just cutting out breast milk????

    I hope he doesn't have that disease. But if so it has became wy easier to eat a gluten free diet! Almost everything has a gluten free version and a lot of company's are making their products gluten free.... Like the Great Value products!!! We eat mostly gluten free. You would not believe the things gluten can do to your body....Bleh....

    Hope little man feels better soon! Bless his little heart!

  4. She said she wants me to give him water, pedialyte, bananas, and dry foods (cereal, toast, etc.), but no breastmilk. It was very odd. I could see if she told me to cut the diary from my diet until he was better (which I did anyway), but she didn't say anything about that.

    That is good to hear! We buy a lot of Great Value products anyway lol.

    Thanks:) He is doing a lot better today!