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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A little bit of everything.

First up, Blogger is letting me upload pictures again! Which means no more Photobucket pictures that don't fit the post correctly!

Second... Brentley is sick AGAIN. He has a double ear infection and an upper respiratory infection. He is miserable. I feel terrible for the little man. I'm certain that he would rather have the stomach bug again. I snapped the picture below earlier today. I was cooking dinner, and I noticed that he was being oddly quiet, so I went to check on him, and he had fallen asleep by himself. He NEVER does that. 
Then, later, I had him in the bathroom with me. I turned the shower on hot so he could breathe in some of the steam. He had a coughing fit going. He literally didn't stop coughing for 20 minutes. He could barely breathe, and I could tell that it was hurting his chest and throat. And as soon as he wasn't coughing anymore, he fell asleep in my arms. I just want him to not be sick anymore!!

This is the big gift we're going to give my sister. I made her a movie night kit. We got the new Disney Fairy movie for her, and I put it in this popcorn bucket with popcorn, cokes, and candy. I thought it turned out cute!

And lastly, my friend Ashley came over today (she braved the sickness) to help Grace decorate the gingerbread princess castle that she got her for her birthday.  

The castle didn't want to stay standing, so she held it together while Grace decorated it.  

And, well, you can tell it was decorated by a three year old, but Grace it very proud of it 

I love that she is so good with Grace. She was actually with the first group of people (aside from my mom and Chris' mom) who came to the hospital when Grace was born. I'm glad we have been able to remain friends when so many other people, who claimed to be friends, have fallen off the face of the earth. 


  1. Poor Brentley. :( Having a sick child is the worst.

    That movie basket is super cute! That's a really good idea!

    I love love love the princess gingerbread castle. I haven't seen anything like it around here. That icing looks really yummy too!

    1. He's never been one to be sick a lot, so this is new for him, and he's not enjoying it at all :(

      She works at Cracker Barrel and she said she bought it there. Oddly enough, the icing is terrible. I don't even know how to explain it. It's sort of like pasty sugar or something.

  2. :( When you told me Brentley was sick on Tuesday, I definitely didn't think the doctor was going to tell you that. Good thing you went though. How is he doing today?

    LOVE the movie bucket. That's even cuter than it sounded. Do you do a themed basket every year? You should!

    Love the castle. Looks like the one Sam did a year or two ago. I pictured it all perfect, but it was super cute the way it turned out. In case you haven't eaten it, those things taste HORRIBLE! lol That is great Ashley is good with her. It is rare to have a friend who is comfortable around your kids and actually sticks around if they don't have any. I am not trying to be mean. That is just how it seems to me. I NEVER hung out with anybody who had kids until I had Sam, even at school when they didn't have their kids with them.

    1. I didn't think she was either. He was acting fine. He had the cough and fever, but he wasn't acting any different. Then, at the doctor's office, he started going downhill. He's not doing much better today. Idk if we'll be able to come to the Christmas party tomorrow or not :(

      I didn't plan on doing a basket this year, but when I decided to get her a movie, I figured I'd do a basket to make it more fun lol.

      Lol, we haven't eaten it, and I don't really plan to. Grace kept getting icing on her fingers, licking it off, the proceeding to decorate the house. It was pretty gross lol. And the icing tasted awful to me.

      I totally get what you are saying about friends. She's the only person I talk to on a regular basis from school who doesn't have children.