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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What a week...

Brentley was not kicking his "virus" completely. I knew it wasn't a virus, but I also knew that the other doctors weren't listening to me. I knew Brentley had his 15 month coming up with his regular doctor, so  I figured I could talk to her about it. 

That was yesterday, and she agreed that she didn't he still had the virus. She said she believed that he had the virus last Tuesday, and that it was possible that he has acid reflux and the virus made it much worse, which is why he was still having trouble with vomiting. She prescribed him some medicine that I can give him as I feel it's needed. She said that if he's not seeming to get better by next week, I need to bring him back in. 

Aside from that, he is doing well. He's 29 lbs. and 33 in., which put him in the 95th percentile for both... he's actually on the charts now!! He's still at the top, but he's not way over the top anymore.

Grace had her 3 year check up yesterday as well. She's 3'3" now. I have never seen a child so excited about the doctor. The doctor checked her first, and then Brentley. The whole time she was checking Brentley, Grace was saying, "Is it my turn again?" And all day today she has been talking about going to the doctor, lol.

Now... during the appointment yesterday, I didn't feel very good. Later yesterday, the virus hit me. I never get sick, so I have been miserable. I feel better today, but not great. I'm just hoping it's completely gone by tomorrow because I have my last final in the morning. We had to cancel our family pictures today because I can't get up without feeling dizzy. 
This better be the end of this crazy sickness! I thought we were at the end with having an answer for Brentley, but no. I had to go getting sick. I hope I don't pass it back to anyone!


  1. lol, that is funny. my boys aren't like that at all but they do sit perfectly still every time for the doctor to check them Corin has only ever cried when the doctor went to look him over once and tristan hasnt ever. Tristan also didnt cry when he got his blood drawn for the first time. they are strange. lol.
    Sorry that you are getting sick, hope it passes quickly! everyone is getting sick :( I think corin picked up something possibly from tristan acting as a carrier from school cause Tristan just has a little bit of a stuffy nose but corin has a runny nose thick stuff and a cold in his left eye and hes congested with his voice going in and out, but he is still acting like his normal self and no fever.

    1. Sorry your boys are sick. I hope they get better soon!

  2. Awe. Cute! Sam is the same way. She Loves the doctor, but she does mention when that she doesn't like when they give her shots. lol Enjoy the excitement now. She probably won't be so excited after a few years, unless it means getting out of school early. Ha Ha. We never went to the doctor after we turned 4, so I could be wrong. :)

    Eh. Still sorry you got sick. At least it wasn't like throwing up sick. Jessie and I both got up yesterday feeling weak. And I was like..."Christina!" Ha Ha Ha. Just kidding. I wouldn't be mad if we had caught it since I was the one that said we should still have the party.

    1. She didn't even cry when they gave her a shot! Somehow she was behind one so they had to give her one, and she was just like,"ow" and it was over lol.

      Unfortunately I would have throw up if I had had anything in my stomach. I didn't eat after breakfast, and around 8 my body decided I needed to throw up, but nothing came out. That was no fun. Then I was hurting all over the rest of the night. Like stabbing pains... I couldn't even sleep. I'm fine now though.