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Friday, December 14, 2012

My heart feels heavy.

I seriously can't get this tragedy out of my head. As a mother and someone who aspires to be an elementary school teacher, this news hit me hard.

I just can't imagine rushing to see if my babies were ok, and then finding out the worst news ever. When they showed the helicopter footage of the group of parents standing without children, I knew... Those were the parents waiting to hear that terrible news. My heart is completely broken for them.

And to be one of those teachers who had to protect a classroom full of innocent children. I'm not even a teacher yet and I have connected with many of the students I've worked with. Again, I just can't imagine!

How a person can be so completely evil is beyond me. They were just babies! So completely senseless. I will be praying for the families of everyone involved and holding tight to my babies tonight.


  1. Oh I know. My heart hurts so bad. I'm tearing up right now. It's just so painful. They were just babies. Kaedyn will be 5 soon. I look at him and just want to bawl. Those poor parents. Bless their hearts! I pray that they find some peace in knowing that their precious baby is in Heaven wih no pain. I look at my kaedyn and see how excited he is to go to school and I think of all those little ones being excited and get so sick to my stomach. I just don't understand why he had to kill all those innocent babies that never did anything to him. He is such a coward for shooting himself.

    1. Chris and I were talking about that. I was wondering why someone feels the need to take someone with them when they're just going to kill themselves anyway. He said (not defending him, just guessing at why he did it), maybe he didn't want to die alone. My guess was that he wanted to be remembered. Either way... Why children??? I just can't ever imagine planning something like that. He deserved to die, but I wish they would have got him alive so that the parents could get some closure through a trial.

  2. This whole thing just blows my mind.. Like, there are no excuses for what he did. No reasoning behind it could change the fact that he was an evil person. But, I would like to know WHY he did it. Why a school full of young children. You know what I mean? What motivated it to do it? I guess I am just really hoping that he had a condition where he confused reality with a dream or something crazy like that. I just don't want to believe that there are actually people out there who can go and kill 20 kids for the hell of it.

    This is one of those things that just blows my minds. There are so many different reports and stories going on right now. I just want to know the truth. I want to know wtf went on. They said that he had to break a door or a window to get in.. Why? There had to be some motive behind it. Not that it will change anything. He is still a horrible person who deserves to rot in hell, but it just seems so crazy. I just can't wrap my head around why anyone would do that.

  3. Me either. When I saw the first report of it online, my mid literally refused to believe it. I literally thought, "Nope. There's no way that happened. Someone needs to do some better fact checking." And them it turned out to be so much oleoresins than that initial news report I saw. This is the worst thing I've heard of since 9/11. And this hot me harder. I was so young on 9/11 that I didn't really understand what was happening. I fully understand this. I fully understand that this awful man just destroyed so many lives. Those parents have presents wrapped for those babies. I just can't imagine. I have never cried so much about something that didn't directly effect me.
    It's just all so wrong and something I will truly never forget.