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Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas time is here!!

Sorry for my lack of posts lately. iPhone and Blogger hate each other. There is no better way to describe it. Every time I try to post something with the Blogger app, it doesn't post for some reason or another, so I just gave up trying to post with that. I will just have to settle with occasionally hooking my computer to our tv. And, because of that, I am going to bombard you all with everything Christmas in this post!!! ;)

I have officially finished my Christmas shopping, and I have almost all the presents wrapped. There are about 50 presents all together, but I grouped them all by where we're going...
Glen's (Chris' step-dad) parents' and then Chris' mom's on Christmas Eve.
Our own presents on Christmas morning, my mom's in the afternoon, and my dad's in the evening.
Then my extended family on the 28th.

On Friday, we went to the PAT Christmas party. The kids had a blast! They decorated cookies, had hot chocolate, colored pictures, talked to Santa, made ornaments, and opened presents!

And today, I took Grace on the Polar Express. I let her watch the movie today before we went. She was glued to that movie! And she was super excited to get to ride on the train! 

(Yes, she's wearing the same thing she wore to the Christmas party. It has been washed since then.)


They had lights like this outside along the train route.

Grace made a friend on the ride. They played together the whole time.

My only complaint is that they should have had cup holders! They gave us hot chocolate in these cute cups, but we had to hold them. Grace and I were looking out the window, and all of a sudden my seat felt very warm. I looked down, and Grace had set her hot chocolate down. It was spilling all in my seat. I was wearing a brown and white skirt, but there was no more white after that lol. Grace had a really good time though! She did get upset at Santa. Apparently he was hard of hearing. He asked her what her name was, and she said, "Gracie." After that, he kept calling her Tracy. He said, "What would you like for Christmas, Tracy?" and she looked at him and said, "GRAC-IE." He never did get it though. He just kept saying Tracy over and over. Other than that, she loved it!

We're having a Christmas party with Brittany, Sami, and Jessie on Wednesday. And we have a couple of other Christmas activities before Christmas coming up as well!


  1. First, if you notice in my post, we are always wearing the same thing too. It is our most festive clothing. So we usually wear it to all things Christmas. But we wash it first too. Most of the time... :p

    It looks like she had a lost of fun on the train. It is so cute that she got irritated about him getting her name wrong. At least you know she is good at hearing and that she is well aware of her own name. :)

    Hey, that is the same Santa we had last year. lol. I have pics. They are identical.

    1. Grace has about 4 different Christmas outfits, but I'm saving one for Christmas. I really like the pillowcase dress though!

      She could even focus on his questions because she was so annoyed by him calling her Tracy lol.

    2. I Love Christmas outfits. I had several for Sam...But she is in a bigger size than I thought she would be. So we are sticking to the sweater for Christmas activities.

      Awe. Then that is not good. :(

    3. I bought most if Gracie's outfits at consignment sale lol. Brentley has two and I bought them both at consignment sales.

      It wasn't too bad. She still loved getting to see him.