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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas 2012!

I know, I know... I'm slacking. We've had a couple of lazy days since Christmas, but I'm finally getting around to posting! 

On Christmas Eve, we went to (basically) the great-grandparents house, then to Chris' mom's house. 
Then, on Christmas morning, we had our own family time together. Around noon, we went to my mom's house, then we went to my dad's around dinner time. 

I'm not even going to to attempt to name all the things the kids got because that would take about four hours. They are overly spoiled at Christmas between us and the rest of the family lol.

I got a Kindle Fire from Chris' mom and a Northface jacket from my mom. I was not expecting either of those things!! My dad mostly got me gift cards. I'm going shopping! :) I also got lots of Hunger Games stuff and some of the Harry Potter movies... Yes, I'm a fangirl/nerd/geek/whatever you want to call me lol. 

For some reason, the pictures aren't in order. Never had that problem before, so I"m not sure what's up. Sorry about that!

Before "Santa" came.

After "Santa" came :)

Grace checking out her new bike.

Brentley riding the rocking horse that we went to heck and back for lol.

He got a wagon from Chris' mom, and spent about an hour pushing and pulling Grace around her house by himself! My little strong man!

This is when he first saw the wagon. He was drawn to it lol.

Opening presents at the great-grandparent's house.

Great-grandparents house again. I love this picture! They were reading a book :)

Chris' mom's house again. She loves this Dora doll!

Checking out his cars from my nana. 

She was extremely happy to get an umbrella! 

I like this one a lot!

She also loved her Dora pony playset!

Brentley trying out his violin.

Trying out the ice cream set and play food lol.

Eating the real breakfast.

At my mom's house.

Also at my mom's house.

At my dad's house. She got a pillow pet, which she is in love with.

Also at my dad's house.

And another at my dad's house. He really enjoyed unwrapping presents!

My Hunger Games stuff :) You guys don't even understand how happy this makes me  lol. I may be a mommy, but I'm still only 20 :p 

 Christmas has been great this year! Grace was so much fun because she was really into the idea of Santa and being excited about presents and such, and Brentley did great unwrapping! They don't really have a favorite toy. They have been playing with EVERYTHING. I'm convince a tornado tore through our house lol.

We have my extended family Christmas get together tomorrow. I'm going to try to get a good picture of all of us together since I didn't get one yet. Wish me luck! Lol.


  1. Love the pics. That is so great that Grace is into it this year. It is a lot more fun when they understand it.

    I like that picture of them reading too. They have a pretty house. Love the fireplace! ;)

  2. I totally understand your "crazyness" for the Hunger Games stuff! I'm 32, a mom of 4 and a HUGE "I'm not sure what to call it" over the Twilight Saga!! hahahaha we're cool :)