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Thursday, December 13, 2012


That last comment... *facepalm!

And I tried to nicely explain that infant seats are not made to forward face, and that there are weight limits, so she could be too big. I also suggested a mirror so she would be able to see her daughter. Her response was that she doesn't do it all the time, and that it's probably time to get a new car seat... You think??

Someone else commented about how they hate seeing kids walking in parking lots without holding their parent's hand, and she commented back that she would NEVER do that because she's too much of a worry-wart.

One would think that if someone is such a worry-wart, car seat safety would be at the top of the list due to the fact that car crashes are the NUMBER ONE killer of children ages 1-14. If she knows it's wrong, she knows it's dangerous. I just can't figure out how someone can know that something is dangerous and then continue to do it!

Oh, and I just now realized that she said her daughter is ALMOST one! Now I just feel like banging my head on a wall. 

Okay. Rant over. 


  1. Gah. People make me so angry!!!!! I tried explaining to Paige's grandma (on her moms side) that even though the high back booster had a weight limit saying 30 pounds and up, that the law was actually 40 pounds and it was illegal for Paige to sit in it. She told me they don't go on long trips. Smh.

    Some people should not have kids. She is not a worry wart if her child who is under one is ff in an infant seat. That's breaking so many laws.

  2. When I saw the screen shot I was like oh no. It's my breastfeeding post. Lol. My freaking mom is the one who was saying all the crap. (Lorry) I was like omg. She isn't very supportive of the whole breastfeeding cloth diapering things.:(

  3. Oh goodness. That is scary! I don't plan switching the kids to a booster until they reach the limits for 5 point harnessing. I've heard that the majority of accidents happen within 5 miles of your home, so not going on long trips really isn't an good argument. I wish people wouldn't be so stubborn.

    Lol I didn't mind your mom. I get that some people don't like to see it, but I'm just a firm believer in them looking away. I used a cover religiously with Grace because I thought it was the "right" thing to do, but now I see that different things work for different mommies and even different babies.

  4. Who was it? Do I know them? (I am nosy. lol) Oh my. I am super paranoid that something will happen to Sam in a car wreck. (I am trying to talk Jessie into letting me get the "Air" carseat if and when we find out we are having another one, and letting Sam use it until she is 5 and the baby is born, since she is too big for her seat. We gotta figure out something soon, and I DO NOT want to put her in a booster.)

    Anyway, that is frustrating.

    1. Are you talking about the Complete Air 65?
      The Britax Frontier 85 Will keep her harnessed till 85lbs! then converts into a booster! Its a great seat!Definitely get a new seat for her as soon as you can if she is to bug for hers!

    2. I missed the part where you said "when we find out" and read the "when the baby is born" and I was thinking "wait a minute... Did she not tell me??" Lol. I'm still at the top of the list when you get your bfp, right? :)

  5. UGH!! So frustrating!! Poor baby! I feel like im a broken record with all the things i repeat to people about car seat safety! its like no matter how many times i show them the facts they still insist that i am just crazy!

    Megan- LOL! I thought the same thing! Like Christina said i understand some people dont like to see it. Thats their opinion. I just think people should be educated on it more before talikng about it! I thought for sure i would always cover up...HAHA!! That didnt work out! Like stated above different things for different mommies and babies! i felt horrible though. I felt like i started a debate when i didnt have any intention too. I apologize for that. Drew saw it and wanted to flip out on there! LOL! Hes very PRO Breastfeeding!

    1. I'm seriously considering printing up car seat safety rules and leaving them on people's cars lol.

      Grace never minded the cover, and Brentley initially didn't, but now he hates it lol. We don't feed on public much anymore though.