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Monday, September 17, 2012

Things are going well...

at school! I've been waiting until I got my grade back from my first biology test to post this post because I wanted to be sure.

With my math class, I made a 90 on my first homework and a 100 on the other! We are going to have 12 homeworks all together, the lowest two will be dropped, and the average of our homework grades will replace our lowest test grade. Right now, that is looking good! Plus, I made a 91 on the first test!

In my biology class, I made a 110 on our first lab quiz, a 90 on the second, and a 95 on the third! And I made a 100 on the lecture quiz! Now, all of that is great, but my professor's nickname is "Dr. Death." I had heard his tests were really hard, so I was nervous about the test. My lab partner was telling me that his sister took the class and made a D, then a girl in my lab group was telling us that she had already taken the same class and made a D. D is considered a failing grade at DSC, so I have to make at least a C in order to not have to take the class again. Then, "Dr. Death" was telling us that Biol 1107 has a steady D/F grade rate... meaning the majority of people fail :(
We took our first test Thurday, and the grade came in today... I made an 84!!! Hey, it's a B, but I'll take it! And the good grades on my quizzes will hopefully pull my grade up even more.

It was such a relief when I pulled that grade up today, and I had passed!


  1. Sounds like you are doing well! Don't listen to other people. If the average grade of a college student is a B/C, which it is, then that mean that if they had a slightly harder time in that class, they would made a D or less. You might make a B, but I seriously doubt you will fail it. Good Luck, girl!

  2. That's great!!! Your smart! There's no way you will fail. Maybe a "B" but not fail:)

  3. Thanks girls! My lab partner failed his test, and so did the other guy in my group. Idk what the girl in my group made because she hasn't shown up for the last two labs :/
    I'm really hoping they don't drop the class. I don't want to do all the labs by myself.