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Monday, September 3, 2012

It's that time of the year...

The time where I post my first version of the kid's Christmas list lol. Yes, I already have it all planned out. Hey, I mean, it's less than four months until Christmas! A mama's gotta be prepared :p

So, for Grace, I have:

  • A guitar - I already bought this when it was on sale for $15! 

  • A huge Dora puzzle - This wasn't really on the list, but I already have this as well because I got a good deal on it.
  • A kid's umbrella. Grace is dying to have an umbrella lol.
  • A baby doll diaper bag
  • A baby doll stroller
  • An ice cream playset

  • The two picture scrapbooks I am making on
  • An app card for her LeapPad2, which I ordered last night for her birthday.
For Brentley, I have:
  • Books - I already have several because I got a good deal on some.
  • A bubble machine - Already have this as well because it was in with the summer stuff, and I didn't figure it would still be around at Christmas time. 

  • A tricycle. They constantly fight over Grace's tricycle. He needs one of his own!

  • A toy guitar
  • Tonka trucks
  • The Hungry Caterpillar. I think I'm going to do his next birthday in this theme, so he needs to have the book! Lol, yes I plan things wayyyyy in advance.
  • A kid's umbrella, only because I know they will fight over it if there's only one. 
  • Disney's Cars (the movie)
And for their big gift, we are getting them this...

It comes with a pot and a lid, a pan and a lid, two cups, two plates, two forks, two knives, two spoons, salt and pepper shakers, a phone, and a pull out drawer. 
Plus, I have some play food that I got awhile back that I'm going to give them. 

They love playing with the kitchen that my mom has like this one at her house, so I figured it would be perfect! 

I'll probably add a few more things here and there, but these are the main things I definitely want to get them!


  1. Hey Girl,
    I know what you mean. You know very well after tonight, I caved and did some shopping too. lol Sounds like some good gift ideas though.

    Umbrella, great idea! Sam has been asking for one for over a year, but to be honest, we just keep forgetting to get her one! lol.

    That is the kitchen I was thinking of. It's a good deal. And since they love Cheyenne's, they will probably like to have one of their own.

    I am so excited for Christmas. We seriously need to go shopping together! Jessie already said he would keep Sam the Monday after Thanksgiving. :)

  2. I am resisting every temptation to go ahead and buy stuff. I keep reminding myself that it will be more fun if I wait until the Christmas season. There are a few things I have to buy online, so I'll probably end up ordering those things soon. That'll have to hold me off. We should definitely go together! I'm sure I can convince Chris to watch the kids :)

    I bought an umbrella for me to use on campus, and Grace just about dies every time she sees the thing. I had to let her walk use it the other day when it WASN'T raining because she just had to open it lol. But I don't want her to mess it up because I need it for my long walks to and from my car on campus lol.

  3. Just remind yourself that you will get to go shopping with me if you wait! lol Yah. It will be exciting to wait for the packages, so you should be able to hold off. Ha Ha.

    That is cute! Does she have a raincoat or rainboots? Understandable. Getting them their own miniature version of things makes them so happy anyway, so why not? :)

  4. She has a raincoat. I'd like to get her some rainboots as well. Heck, I want some rainboots lol. I just can't find any cute ones that are reasonably priced.

  5. I know, right?! I want some too! I would get Sam a raincoat if I could find one at a consignment or something, but they are just too expensive in the store, and rainboots. I want to get Sam's pictures made playing in puddles though with a rain jacket, boots, and an umbrella. That would be so cute!!!

  6. I got her raincoat at a thrift store for $3! It's pink and it has flowers on it. It looks brand new! I got it last year, but she can just now fit in it. Those would be super cute pictures!