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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It's fall!

The first day of fall was a few days ago, and I am already loving it. The weather has been GREAT for the last week. Clear skies and temperatures in the 70s. The mornings and nights are a bit cold, dir45gthn\ping into the low 50s. We actually had to turn out heat on this morning! We were all freezing lol.    

We have sort of decorated for fall. We have the leaves and pumpkins we made up in the window, and I put a Happy Halloween sign on our front door. We are going to get pumpkins soon and carve them! Then we'll put those on our little walk way by our door.
We also have the most amazing smelling tarts in our tart warmer. It's simmering apple cider, and I absolutely love it. It makes our whole apartment smell like fall :)

I can't wait until we get to go to the pumpkin patch, the fall festival at DSC, and trunk-or-treating (and possibly trick-or-treating)!

Grace is all set to be a butterfly, and Brentley is set to be a sock monkey :)

I'm also making a list of must see Halloween movies. Number one on my list is Hocus Pocus. This always has and always will be my favorite Halloween movie.
I also love the Halloweentown movies. Yes, I know that these are Disney movies lol. I know there's more, but I can't think of them right now. Anyone else have any family friendly suggestions?

And while we're on the subject, I'm beginning a list of Christmas movies as well...

  • Home Alone (1, 2, and 3. I don't like 4).
  • Santa Clause (1, 2, and 3)
  • Polar Express
  • The Grinch (not the cartoon)
If anyone else has some Christmas movies they love to watch, please let me know! I love Halloween and Christmas movies!


  1. I know! It feels so good! idk about turning on the heat though. lol When we turn on our heat, we turn it down to 68, so it'll be awhile for us. But our house has been getting down to 72.

    Pumpkins make Fall decorating complete! I have added a few small touches., but nothing too big. Ya'll have any fall crafts planned?

  2. None of us are morning people, and if I'm cold in the morning, I can't function. I literally start shaking from being cold lol. I'm good as long as I'm all wrapped up in my comforter, but once I'm up, I'm like, "When did we move to Alaska?" :p

    I'm not sure. We did the leaves and pumpkins. She's also done some coloring pages for fall. I'd like to do some Halloween themed ones. I've got a bunch pinned. I need to go through and figure out what would be good for them. I'll probably do Brentley's ghost footprints this year like I did Grace last year. Not sure what else.

  3. Wow! It was 93 degrees here today. Still got the air running. BA ha ha!

    I live those Disney Halloween movies.... Hocus Pocus has to be my favorite also.

    I like having the babies watch some veggie tale Christmas movies.

  4. Our weather is fighting fall! Its like dipping into the low to mid 50s then got up into the mid 90s the other day! Im just like it needs to be cold!!! I love it! We didn't get a real winter last year so I'm really hoping that we get one this year!

    Im already planning for halloween we have our halloween windows stickers put up and I bought the boys halloween baskets and some little halloween things. Im so looking forward to going to the pumkin patch!

    For Christmas we always watch rudolf and frosty it just doesn't feel right if we don't watch them atleast once, and a Christmas carol, a Christmas story my best friend's dad watches that movie every single time it comes on tv during the holidays lol, miracle on 34th st, elf...
    For Halloween other movies...Casper, nightmare before Christmas, Halloween town(disney channel movie) cheesy but I like it lol, the haunted mansion, I dont know if your kids watch nick jr but we had a halloween nick jr dvd that the boys loved til it stopped working thinking about getting another one.

  5. Jessika, Oh my goodness! 93 still? Wow! That's crazy that our weather is so different since we don't live that far in respect of how big the country is lol.
    Aww Veggie Tales! I loved watching that as a kid! :p

    Christina, we never get much of a winter here either :( I love the cold too! I want to live somewhere where it snows like 5 feet in the winter lol.
    Ahh I forgot about Haunted Mansion! I love that movie!! Grace has one Nick Jr. Halloween Dvd and on Christmas one. She loves those.

  6. We normally get a freeze or 2 atleast and last year nothing so we had TONS of spiders and stuff. eek. Im not much for winter weather but I do love the cold! Snow is amazing as long as I dont need to drive anywhere lol.

    Oh, BTW I wanted to ask You, Brittany, and Jessika if you could see my blog? Apparently I set it to private on accident a while back and just noticed it.

  7. Ha Ha Ha. I am one of those to jump up and get ready in the morning, but Sam is the same way. She will sit on the couch, wrapped up, but still shivering, trying to go back to sleep, and she does't even wake up until 9ish. lol

    I need to get on some fall crafts too! Let me know if you find any good ones and I will let you know if I do.

  8. Chrissie, I can see it now! I was wondering what happened to you lol. There are like 12 posts showing up in my feed now, and I'm fixing to go read them all :)

    Brittany, yes! Please do! I find it hilarious that we have like three different conversations going at any given time... here, facebook, and texting :p

  9. Yah...I just noticed that today too. ;p