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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Since we all have faults... here are mine...

I think the big one is routine. We don't really have one. It's sort of hard for us to get on a regular routine because Chris works random hours a lot of the time. I'm in school two days a week, and I work one day a week. Grace has gymnastics on Monday. And we always have something like a birthday party, doctor's appointment, meeting, etc. that's thrown in there. We always go to bed between 9 and 10, but that's the extent of our routine. (Hey, it's better than a year ago when we had our days and nights mixed up! Lol). So, during the day, we don't have a set routine. I always try to get on one, but we can never stick with it :/

The tv... ohh the tv. We are bad about leaving it on all day long. It's mostly just background noise. We play, do crafts, have our little lessons, etc, so it's not like I just stick the kids in front of the tv and ignore them, but it's still there, and it's still on. Grace didn't understand when I first started turning it off. I am slowly trying to wean the tv away. We have been turning it off a lot more, but not as much as I think we should... still working on that.

I get frustrated easily at the end of the day. In the mornings, I have the patience of a saint. Nothing can phase me. In the afternoons I'm pretty neutral, but close to bedtime, I have to remind myself that they are only little kids. I would never hurt them or anything, I'm just more quick to over react about things. But I have been taking pointers from Michelle Duggar. Regardless of your views on her lifestyle, that woman is SuperMama! She is my role model, and I am striving to have the patience and kindness that she is able to display. Needless to say, I still fall short.

I HATE cleaning. I love having a clean house, and I always feel relieved when the house is clean, but I hate actually doing the cleaning. Like right now, my kitchen needs to be mopped, and the kids' room needs to be picked up, but I'm procrastinating. My house is never filthy. I clean everyday. I just hate doing it, and because of that, some things get skipped... like mopping.

This one applies only to Grace... I cannot get that child to eat hardly anything healthy. She hates ALL fruits and veggies except apples. I have tried so many ways to get her to eat healthy, and I just can't. So we stick to the apples, and she likes key lime pie yogurt (which we get fat free), crackers, honey ham, cheerios, peanut butter and jelly (or sometimes just peanut butter sandwiches)... that's all I can get her to eat that isn't chalk full of sugar or deep fried. I have no idea what do aside from strapping her down and force feeding her, which I will NOT do. If anyone has any suggestions on how to fix this, please help! I ate lots of fruits and veggies when I was pregnant with and breastfeeding her, she had fruit and veggie baby food, and even ate fruits and veggies cut up as table food, but now she won't touch them :(


  1. Routines are hard. We have a weekly routine. Like every Monday is different than every Tuesday, and so on. It is so tempting sometimes, especially with Jessie gone at work and no reason to wake up at 730, to sleep in late, like until 10 or 11. We did that the first week, but I realize we can't just keep doing that. Anyway, if you really want a routine, then I would add one thing a week, maybe this week ya'll could wake up at a certain time every day. Then next week keep waking up at that time and eat lunch at a certain time? I am one of those people who cannot survive without a schedule. One thing thrown off messes up my tiny little world. :)

    I have to admit, lately I have been bad about turning on the Good Night Show for background noise while she plays. It is tempting at night when Jessie and I need...alone time. lol. Obviously, not so much right now that Jessie is out of town, but we do lay down to TV around midnight and not go to sleep until 3 am because I am just so terrified that someone is going to break in just because Jessie isn't home.

    Yah, patience starts to run thin. I am also like, "Good Morning, Sambug. I Love You little Baby. Oh, don't be grumpy sweetie pie." Blah Blah Blah Really nice. And then around midnight I am like, "Sam, seriously. I said go to sleep!"

    It is okay to skip things once in awhile. I have skipped things on my cleaning schedule. To be honest, I don't dust the entertainment center everyday like I used to because I hate moving the TV and everything and the sun isn't hitting it just right like in the apartment, so why dust it? I do it maybe once a week now. And heck, if Sam and Brennon mess up her room and I know that Brennon is going to be here the next day to mess it back up, I leave it dirty. lol I don't see why you ever pick up thier playroom.

    Girl, Sam is the same way about eating. Honestly, what I do is I give her the fruit and vegetable she wants with lunch, which the only fruits she will eat is mandarine oranges or apple sauce. And the only vegetables are green beans or pickles. (Most of the time she cheats and tells me she wants pickles as her vegetable since we usually have green beans for dinner) and I let her her away with it. Pickles are good for her. They are the homegrown pickles from the Railroad Produce. Anyway, we have been letter her have that, and then we also keep putting the vegetables she "does not like" on her plate for dinner. (She hates corn. But I ALWAYS give her some.) She says "Yuck " and "Gross" and whatnot. I just tell her she doesn't have to eat them. After about a year of that, she has gotten curious about the foods she is always seeing Jessie and me eat, she started trying them. She was really proud of herself for trying them, and it was self initiated, which makes her happier, and she usually ends up liking the food. It takes time, but just a though. :)

  2. I meant, "Just a thought." at the very end of that comment.

  3. We usually wake up around 9, but the mornings that I have to go to school, everyone is up by 7:30, but they're all grumpy. Apparently my kids need to sleep 12 hours or they aren't happy. Me going to school is what ruins everything :/

    Dust? What is that? Lol seriously though, I like never dust. Every once in awhile I get a wild hair and dust, but that's rare.

    Grace doesn't even like pickles! Seriously, no veggies at all. That is a good idea though. Just putting some on her plate so she gets curious about it! I'm going to try that. Thanks! :)

  4. I can I imagine that would mess a schedule up. Why do they gt up so early?

    Lol I dusted all the time in the apartment because the way the sun hit the entertainment center, it looked filthy to me. But now I can't see it, so it doesn't bother me as much.

    Seriously, not even pickles?! Crazy!!!! You never know, she may like something uncommon. Maybe get one new vegetable a week? If that doesn't work, real fruit juices and vegetable juices can help to supplement.

  5. I have to get up at 6:45 to start getting ready, and if I'm not in the bed with him, Brentley wakes up pretty quickly, which typically ends up waking up Chris and Grace, and then I have to leave, so he has to stay up with the kids, so everyone is up. Brentley will sleep straight to 9 if I'm in bed with him, so everyone else sleeps until then too.

    Nope, not even pickles. She has a thing about if it looks weird to her, she won't try it. If I put it in her mouth, and she doesn't like it, she will spit it out. But, I think if she's curious about it, she might be willing to try new things.

  6. Oh wow. :?Hpefully as he gets older he will sleep better when you get up. Sam used to be like that, but as she got older, I was able to get up without her waking up.

    Yep. Putting things in Sam's mouth never proved to be effective, and I cannot say I blame her. I would be mad if someone did that to me. Which is whey we tried to make her curious. I hope it works! I think at this age, even at Sam's age, it is all about, "Hey, I can control what I do. Let's see how far I can go with it."

  7. Yeah, I never force her to eat anything. I think she may have a texture issue like I do, and I literally gag if things are certain textures, so I would never want to do that to her. But I also want her to eat more healthy things, so I have to get her to break out of her shell and try things lol.

    Now, I will tell her she can't have anything else to eat if she doesn't eat what she asked for. So, in a way, I guess that's forcing, but I refuse to let her be that picky lol.