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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Possible change of plans...

So, we ordered Grace that LeapPad2 and it is sitting in the closet waiting for her birthday.

Well, a fellow blogger, Jessika, posted about the Tabeo that is made by Toys R Us, so I started looking into it. It's $50 more, but it has wifi capabilities and it seems as if the apps are free.

The apps/games for the LeapPad are crazy expensive. Seriously, just buying two games would be $50.

Ohh and the Tabeo is already rechargable, whereas, with the LeapPad, you have to either use batteries or buy a charging kit (which is about $50).

So, we are seriously considering returning the LeapPad2 and getting her a Tabeo.
I think she would use it longer considering it's wifi capable. Also, it doesn't really look like a toy, whereas the LeapPad2 does.

The Tabeo itself is white, but the cover it comes with is green. I'm not thrilled with that, but I can live with it.
Another issue is that it isn't out until the end of Oct. It says that the Est. ship date is Oct. 21st. Well, that's less than two weeks from her party, so I'm nervous that it wouldn't make it in time.

And then, with it being new, what if it doesn't live up to the hype? I mean, the LeapPad was the number one toy of last year, so what if we trade in and it ends up the LeapPad2 was the better choice??

Jessika, did you ever decide if you were going to get it?
What does everyone else think??


  1. Hmm...I was going to ask if you had looked up any reviews on it, but then you said it hadn't come out yet...

    The Tabeo seems super neat, and if it is everything it sounds like, it sounds like it might be worth the extra $50.00.

    Do they have any information about the games and apps? From your post it sounds like a miniature kid version of the iPad. And don't get me wrong, there are some good, educational games on the iPad, but they aren't actual long games with lots of value like on the LeapPad. So I would be careful about that, and look into that first. The cartridge games Sam plays are a "start to finish" kind of game with several levels of difficulty and even achievements. Well worth $25.00 a game, considering Jessie's are $60.00 apiece. lol And she has had them since last Christmas and is still playing them! She has learned so much from them, from writing her letters, to how to get started drawing organic shapes. She has even started paying more attention to what a color makes when you mix it with another color-because her art game she has. AND I can track her progress online. SHe has gotten a lot better.

    If she can do all that with the Tabeo, it sounds like a great idea. If she can pretty much do the same types of apps like on the iPhone and the iPad, I wouldn't.

  2. Good point. I'm not really sure what the apps are capable of. It hasn't really said.
    I don't think that it comes with a stylus, so I doubt she would be able to learn letters and such...
    Hmmm... more to think about lol.

  3. I haven't decided yet. We have the innotab but my babies rather play with the iPad of iPod. I think they just got use to everything the iPad/iPod could do and just felt like the innotab was babish.

    The iPad had a lot of educational games that do have levels. You jut for to know how to search for them. I have read blogs that cover children's games and then downloaded many of them. Now if you just download a sample of the game then it I shorter.

    Kaedyn has learned so much on the iPad like how to write his letters, Spanish, even biblical lessons.... I could go on. Lol!

    But this is about the Tabeo.... 7000 apps!! That's awesome. I'm sure there is some games within those 7000 that she would like I love that it is wifi capable and the parent safety features on it! Amazing!! Also it plays flash!!!! The iPad doesn't:( so websites like or Disney junior will be able to be brought up on it and she can play the online games. I do like that it doesn't look like a toy and that you wouldnt have to deal with batteries which can get expensive.

    Idk... I think they are both good tablets but I guess it depends on what all your looking for in them.

  4. Yeah, I'm sure they would have some educational ones in the 7000! It says there are already like 50 on it, but the ones it listed don't seem educational... like Angry Birds lol.
    I wonder if it will have a lot of the same apps available for the ipad/pod/phone. Grace loves to play on my iPod and Chris' iPhone.

    I didn't even think about Flash being able to play stuff on the websites. That is a good point too! Pbs has has lots of educational games for sure.

    I guess I need to make up my mind pretty soon lol.

  5. Thanks for posting this!! We were planning on getting Kayelynn a LeapPad 2 for Christmas, but now I'm going to have to look into this!

  6. Even though, we've got awhile before we'll be buying these toys, I would definitely choose tabeo. Because of the wifi capabilities. Plus, if it comes with a bunch of games that you don't have to buy, I would figure it would be worth the extra $50, because you wouldn't have to keep buying new games. If it didn't come in time you could just get it for her for christmas?

  7. We could do it for Christmas, but then we'd have nothing for her birthday.

    I think at this point, if it doesn't make it by her birthday, it would be there a few days after, and we could just give it to her then. She wouldn't realize we didn't give her anything because she's not really old enough to care about who the presents are from. I would still feel terrible though. I don't know. There is a lot of consideration on both sides of this lol.

  8. Megan, it's tempting isn't it?? I still can't decide which one I want for her lol.