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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A great day!

My mom and I took the kids downtown. We took them to ride the carousel first, then they played in the fountain. Grace actually played this time! I was so proud of her. We've taken her twice before, and she wouldn't play in the water. 
Then we drove across the river and got some lunch. After that, we let the kids play in the water at the Aquarium. They had so much fun!

It amazed me that Brentley is my reserved child as well as my hydrophobic child, yet he jumped right in and started playing. Grace wouldn't go near it at his age! Crazy the differences between them.

Enjoy the picture that my pocket took of the random man :p

Brentley was trying to do flips with the girls :p

He was giving her kisses :)

Then they got their dry clothes wet :p

He wanted the rocks to come out lol.

Footprints :)

Riding the carousel :)

Brentley didn't like it :(

Sorry the pics are out of order. That's the way they uploaded.


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun!! They are getting so big! I need to get up there again!
    Wow! That pic is random. It was like he was looking right at your pocket and posing!

  2. That would be awesome if you guys could come up again sometime!

    I know right?? At first I was thinking, "When did I take a picture of this man?" The only thing I could figure out is that I somehow took a pic when I put my iPod in my back pocket (that's what I was using to take the pics). Kind of creepy though because it looks like he's looking right at my butt, lol.

  3. I just love your pictures of Cheyenne and Grace and Grace and Brentley. They are all too cute! Looks like they had fun though. We need to go downtown sometimes, especially now that they will all play in the water. It is crazy how they get older they will do things they would not have even thought about before! :)