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Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Creative Discovery Museum... *Pic heavy*

Well, this past Wednesday, we decided we would go to the Discovery Museum. We checked the times, and their summer hours said they were open from 10-5 on Wednesday. We got there, paid for our parking, unloaded the kids, and started walking toward the building. This guy stopped us, and explained that they were closed on Wednesdays. Then a lady walked up. She was dressed very nicely, and I'm about 95% sure that she was like the CEO of the museum (if that's even a thing). She tried to tell us that the hours had been changed, so Chris pulled out his iPhone, and showed them that they hadn't been changed. She then started trying to say that there were signs up saying the museum was closed, so we showed her that wasn't true either. It was 11:30, an hour and a half after they supposedly opened, and they hadn't done anything to show their hours changed. Finally she changed her tune and became apologetic. They ended up giving us some free tickets to come back, and she said they would take care of everything. I was upset because Grace was so excited, but we ended up walking around downtown and letting them play in the water for a little while before we went back to the car, which there were then two different signs showing that they were closed, and later that day they had the hours changed online.
Anyway... we were finally able to make it back! So here are some pictures!!


  1. Oh my goodness! I love that pic of her and Chris!!! Cutest pic of them that I have seen by far. And I really like her hair up like it is in the pic of her playing in the sand. :p

  2. I like that picture too. I wish she wouldn't have put her hand in her mouth though lol.
    I planned on having her hair up all day, but she pulled it down before we even left the sand lol. She's not big on having it up.

  3. It is still really cute. Have ya'll had any family pictures done lately?

    Ha Ha. I figured she pulled it down. Just seems like something she would do. ;)p

  4. No, but we'll get them done at Christmas probably. That's usually when we do.