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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I think we'll stick with the LeapPad2.

As of yesterday, Toys R Us is being sued over the Tabeo. The other company is requesting that the Tabeo be pulled from release. I'm not going to chance returning the LeapPad2 for the Tabeo, and then it be pulled from release. I wouldn't have time to order another LeapPad2, and I never see the pink ones in stores. We would be left with nothing for her birthday, so we're just going to stick with the LeapPad2 for this year. Grace is only going to be three after all, so they LeapPad is probably more age appropriate at this point. We might revisit the idea next year if it does end up being released despite the lawsuit. 


  1. Oh wow. Really? What are their grounds for suing?

    Yah. You know they will have something bigger and better next year anyway. lol

  2. We were leaning more towards the Leap Pad 2 also... But I'm thinking we'll wait for her birthday in March for that. She is OBSESSED with my little pony so I might get her a bunch of my little pony stuff.

    Why did it say they are suing? That's crazy.

  3. Another company (I forget the name, something like Nuhu or Zuhu) sold them the exclusive rights to their tablet earlier this year. It was supposed to be sold exclusively at Toys R Us. Not too long after that, Toys R Us announced their Tabeo, and did hardly any advertising for the tablet from the other company even though they were going to be the only ones selling it.
    The other company is accusing them of stealing their design and marketing it as the Tabeo, and then not even promoting the other tablet. They are requesting monetary damages and that they Tabeo be pulled.

  4. That is crazy. But I agree the leapPad2 seems more toddler friendly.