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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sunday is going to be a fun day!

First, we are going to Sami's party, which Grace is soooo excited about! That is all she has been talking about all week. She has been making Sami pretend cakes, wanting to give Sami her presents, and counting down the days until her party lol. Which, by the way, she can count to five with her fingers now!!

Then, at 6, we are supposed to meet a local photographer downtown because Brentley is going to be modeling for her! In exchange for him doing the modeling, I get all the pictures on a disk for free! And the pictures are definitely going to be used online to advertise what he will be modeling, and they will potentially be put in a magazine. I think that is so neat! I can't wait for that :)

And, I discovered today that Business of Being Born put out four new episodes on Netflix. This has nothing to do with Sunday. I'm just really excited about that! So, if you liked the Business of Being Born movie... there is now a little mini series on there as well. I've only watched one episode so far, and I have already learned more! Like the fact that the maternal death rate has DOUBLED since the 80's. Crazy stuff.

Anyway, that is all for now. 


  1. Party sounds like fun. :p Samantha is excited too. (That is awesome she can count to 5 on her fingers.)

    I can't wait to see his pics! Maybe she will take a few of Grace too, just for fun. Or are ya'll leaving her with a sitter?

  2. Wow! I didn't realize Buisness of Being Born did that! I knew they made another 2! But i've only seen the 1st one. I guess I'll be watching Netflix tonight when Emerson goes to bed!

    And that is awesome with Brentley's pictures! How did you come across that?! Who is the photographer? Once you get the cd you can always get prints from Shutterfly, if you get their emails sometimes on holidays you'll get like 100 4x6's and just have to pay shipping!

  3. Oh, and Business of Being Born sounds like it might scare me out of having another, so I will let you share the interesting, non scary, information with me, and then AFTER we have another, I may watch it. lol

  4. Sounds fun!!

    That's awesome Brentley gets to be a model!! Can't wait to see the pictures.

    Yay! I knew the business of being born did the 4 episodes but I didn't know they were on Netflix... I'm going to add them to my instant queue right now! Lol. Thanks!

  5. Brittany, we are probably going to all go. If we don't, Chris will just stay home with her. We haven't decided for sure yet.
    Oh, and the whole point of the Business of Being Born honestly is pretty much to scare you out of going to mainstream way. They explain how all these medical interventions can have a domino effect. I watched the first one when I was pregnant with Brentley. Some of the facts are scary, but the movie as a whole is very informative, and it gives you (or at least it did me) a better understanding of the hospital's, insurance companies', ob/gyns', etc. thinking. It helped me to know what to look out for, and how to better stand up for myself as well as know what I did and didn't want. The movie is not truly meant to scare. It's meant to inform you of how we (America) has our ideas of birthing completely backward. It really is worth the watch!

    Nicole, I just got the kids asleep, and I'm fixing to watch the next episode! Lol.
    The photographer is Sylvia Hill. She did our maternity photos. She is really good. She had posted on her facebook that she needed a 12 month old model because she was doing a shoot for a friend that runs a business. I sent her a message asking if Brentley could do it, and she said yes! It was pretty awesome!

    Megan, no problem :)

  6. AH...Maybe I will watch it though, but I do not have Netflix anymore...Can I watch it online?

  7. I'm not sure. Maybe one day when Chris is at work you can come over and watch it. We have netflix on our tv. Or I could bring my computer there. There movie itself is like 2 hours, and just the two episodes I've watched so far were 2 and a half hours, so it's a lot of stuff lol.

  8. I watched those episodes as they were releasing them, paid like 4 or 5 bucks to watch them online before they came out on dvd, i couldnt wait! lol. I wanna buy it I own business of being born and pregnant in america which btw if you havent watched pregnant in america you should I think it is on netflix also.

  9. I've seen Pregnant In America as well. I actually like it better than Business of Being Born, but I love Business of Being Born as well!
    I'm glad that they did the extra episodes because they are covering a lot of things that they left out of the movie!

  10. I really wanted to see the one about VBAC cause for our next child I want to have a HBA2C if I can and I've been doing alot of research about it.

    Part of me likes pregnant in America a little better cause it takes place partly in Wichita :) lol.