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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Picture post :)

Why not ring in the new year with some pictures? :)

The first ones are a couple of months old (taken on 10/27/11), but I just now got them. First are the Halloween pictures, and then Grace's 2nd birthday pictures.

All the rest of the pictures were taken a week ago or less.
 She loves her daddy :)

Brentley loves chatting with his daddy :)

 He also loves anything with a screen. He was attacking my computer lol.

Sitting up in the seat  my mom got him. He's getting good at sitting up.

 I took these pictures today. Tie dye for New Years :) And I just have to add commentary to them...

"Mom, put that camera away."

"Well, I am cute, so..."

"okay, I'll smile."

"Now seriously, put the camera away."

"Alright, alright, just one last smile."


  1. Ha Ha Ha. Love those last few pics with the comments you added. I can definitely see him thinking that. lol. The 2 year pics are adorable! And my absolute favorite is Chris talking with Brentley. :)

  2. Lol that's the exact order of the pictures I took. I just couldn't resist adding the comments. I love that picture of them talking too. Brentley really loves Chris. Anytime he hears Chris he lights up like a Christmas tree.

  3. Ha. Yah. I can see why. It went perfect. :)

    That is sweet. A Daddy's Boy. What about Grace? Is she a Momma's girl or a Daddy's girl?

  4. She's pretty much both now. Before Brentley she was a complete mommy's girl, but now she knows that I can't do everything at once, so she will go to Chris half of the time. I think she would pick me if she had the choice though lol.

  5. The pics are so cute! Your babies are adorable. I was showing drew the pics of Brentley and told him how old he was and that he was 1 lb less than Ellanoa and he was like "whoa ives like Kaedyn was." haha!!! I love fat babies!!! They are so cute.

  6. Thank you :) Haha yeah, I love fat babies too :) No one can get over how big he is though. All the men in my family are sure he is going to be a football player lol.

  7. That's what everyone said about Kaedyn. Football is huge down here so all the guys even strangers were excited. They would even argue about what team he needed to play for. Ba ha ha!!