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Friday, January 20, 2012

My babies...

It truly amazes me how different my babies are from each other (comparing Grace at five months old to Brentley now). Grace was (and still is) the outspoken hands-on type. If she wanted something, she would find a way to let you know. She was hands-on because she had to touch everything and figure out how it worked by using it.
Brentley is more laid back. He's content just sitting and observing. He likes to touch everything, but he doesn't try to use it right away. He will examine it, take it in fully before he does anything with it. And he never really demands much. When he's hungry he will just sort of whine until he gets to eat, as opposed to Grace who would scream bloody murder until she got her milk.
He also sleeps a lot better than her. He only wakes up one time at night, usually about five hours after we went to bed, then sleeps for about another five hours.  Sometimes he sleeps for up to seven hours. Grace was an every two hour baby for the longest time. And even when she passed that stage she only slept for 4-5 hours until she was about a year old. Then until about her second birthday she would only sleep about 6 hours. She FINALLY sleeps through the night! Lol.

They are also very different in their looks. Grace has brown eyes and a round face that seem to come from me, then she has dark blonde hair, tan skin, and a nose and mouth that come from Chris. Whereas Brentley has Chris' eyes, hair, and face shape, but my skin tone, nose, and mouth. The only thing that they have the same is hair, and Brentley has a lot more hair than Grace did when she was this age.

In some way though, they are similar. Grace always had to be sitting up, and so does Brentley. And Grace was always a momma's girl, and now Brentley is a momma's boy.
I know that they are both still young, and as they get older they more have more similarities, but as of now, that is it lol.

It just amazes me that Chris and I created both of these beautiful, tiny humans, and even though they come from the same place, they are so different. I love it though. They are both perfect in their own ways. I can't imagine either one of them any other way.

A little update on both of them...
Brentley is doing pretty well. He is not a fan of me being gone according to Chris. He apparently completely refuses the bottle and rice cereal only keeps him happy for a little bit :( I'm hoping he will come around as he gets more used to it. He rolls with intent now... meaning if he wants to get somewhere, he will roll in that direction lol. And he can scoot himself forward on his tummy. He wants to crawl so very bad, but he just doesn't have that ability yet.
Grace is really growing. We have started somewhat working on potty training. It is slow going because of me having to go to school, but she is showing progress. She will say, "I need a diaper change." and it is just as clear as that. And she sort of peed on the potty. She didn't want me to take her diaper off, so I just set her up there with it on. She was dry when I set her there, and wet when I got her down. I know it's nothing major, but it's a start.
She is really progressing in her language. She knows the entire ABC song and she can count to 20!
I just wish we could focus more on potty training. When I'm home I try to take her at least once an hour, but she won't go on the potty. And then when I'm gone, Chris has to deal with unhappy Brentley, and can't really do much with potty training, so it throws her off. We'll get it eventually though.


  1. Was there suppose to be more....

  2. It's not showing all of it on mine......hmmm.....

  3. Yeah, Brentley was in my lap and posted it before I was done lol.

  4. Awe. Brentley is a lot like Sam was-and still is. It is a good thing he is a content baby though. It probably makes it easier, having two.

    Brentley sounds like he is progressing really well! And so is Grace! As far as the potty thing goes, that is a big deal. It meant she knew. Maybe you could take her every half hour? Maybe there is more of a chance she will go? Or ask her every 15 minutes?

  5. Yeah, he's pretty easy going, which is great.

    I'm tempted to just put her in underwear, but then Chris wouldn't be able to deal with her having accidents, so I guess we'll just keep taking it slow. I will probably start taking her more often and see how that goes.

  6. Yah. I did that with Sam. I probably didn't go about it right, but she got whipped anytime she had an accident because I knew she knew what she was doing. Maybe you could try when you are home and see what happens?