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Friday, January 13, 2012

I just don't understand this...

My computer is working perfectly fine, and has been, but as of yesterday I can't comment on anyone's blog. Not even my own. And I can't read anyone's comments on my blog. Whenever I click on someone's specific post (including my own specific post) it takes me to a blank screen. I refresh the screen and it stays blank. I can go to your blog page and read the post that way, but once I click on the post to comment on it everything goes blank. This is really annoying me. Is this happening to anyone else?? Well, I suppose if it was you wouldn't be able to comment on this post lol. And if you do comment I won't be able to read it. :( This just stinks. I'm going to try to figure out what's wrong, but so far I haven't found a way to fix it.
I've even tried restarting my computer. I've tried viewing the pages in compatibility view and with no style. Still the same thing. So, if I don't comment back to your comments or don't comment on your posts that is why.


  1. Okay, so I can leave a comment on this post?? What the heck lol.

  2. Hm. That is weird. I am not having that problem. Have you tried another computer?

  3. Apparently it's my computer because I can see them from my iPod...

  4. That guy messed your computer up bad. Is there anyway you can use some of your college fund to start over with a new computer?