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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

3 weeks!

Tomorrow I will have finished my first three weeks of this semester.
I haven't had any tests yet, but I have had three quizzes and a paper (which was five pages long). I made an 80 on my first quiz in my Critical Issues in Education class... it's actually better than it sounds because there was only five questions. I only missed one.
I made an 80 on my pre-cal quiz. I made stupid mistakes :(
I haven't gotten the grades back for my other quiz or paper yet, but I am confident that I made a 100 on the quiz, and I think I did well on the paper :) Both of those are for my Critical Issues class.
I have two presentations coming up in my Education Pyschology class. Both are group presentations. Our first one is on Feb. 2nd. It only has to be 7-10 minutes long... easy. But our second one is on Feb 14th, and it has to be 60 MINUTES LONG!!! And get this... we are group 1. Group 5 doesn't go until the end of April! I am still trying to figure out how a college profeesor came up with such an unfair assignment. All the other groups get more time to work on their presentation than we do.
But anyway, I have spent most of today getting all the information together for my part of the presentations because we have group time tomorrow, so we are going to work on all the powerpoints and handouts. At least I have a good group!

That's about it as far as school goes for now.

Oh, one good thing... Brentley (and Chris lol) is starting to get used to me being gone. He has his good days and bad days, but he has had two good days in a row!! He hates the bottle, so Chris doesn't even try to give it to him anymore. He said it just makes Brentley even more mad, and that Brentley actually stays more calm when he doesn't try to give him the bottle. As long as they are both happy, that is fine with me :)

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