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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Oh good grief...

So, this whole blank page blog thing was about to drive me absolutely insane, so I set out on a mission tonight to figure out how to fix it. I searched google, and apparently I am not the first person that this has happened to. I kept trying "solution" after "solution" and nothing was working. I did everything short of deleting my entire blog. Some of you may have popped in while my blog was "under construction." If you did, I apologize. I was going a bit nuts lol.
I did find one thing that semi-worked... reverting my blog back to the old template. Well, that also meant that there wasn't much I could do to customize my blog. I couldn't add my stick family, my baby tickers, or any other sort of "gadget." I didn't like that at all. I like having my blog personalized. And that also meant that I still couldn't view or comment on posts of anyone who was using the new template (which is pretty much everyone). So, I set out once again to find a better solution. I tried deleting all my gadgets and re-adding them. I tried changing templates. I tried restoring "widgets" to original settings. Nothing was working...

Then, I found it! The very last comment on one of the forums I was reading said "change your browser." I had Internet Explorer. It's what came with my computer, and has always worked well for me, but I know a lot of people don't care for it. So off I surfed to download Mozilla Firefox, and what do you know?? It works now!!! I have absolutely no idea what happened, but somehow, the new template designs on Internet Explorer on my computer got messed up apparently.
My blog was in shambles by this time, but I got everything pretty much back to normal. The text is a little different because I couldn't remember the exact colors and fonts I used, but I think I actually like it better now :)

If this ever happens to any of you, try changing browsers FIRST lol.


  1. Awe. Well I am glad you figured it out. I bet that was annoying. Yah. We use Safari and Mozilla. If something doesn't work on one, we use the other. For some reason Jessie's pay stubs won't pull up on Safari. It's so weird.

  2. Yea I had to use Firefox for my blog. Internet explore just wouldn't work.