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Tuesday, January 10, 2012


My first day (yesterday) went great. I like all my professors, and the classes seem do-able. Brentley apparently did very well for Chris yesterday. Chris said he slept until 12 and was in a good mood even after I got home.
Today... oh today. I have two Education courses. Without them I can't get into the Education program. I like the classes, but I found out that each class requires me to do 10 hours of field observation. 10 hours each, so 20 all together. That's not so bad. In one of them I don't just observe,  I actually teach. I am looking forward to that! I don't like that I'll have to be away from the kids longer, but I have to do the hours or I'll fail the course because they are mandatory. Also, in order for me to do this, I am required to have a background check and liability insurance. The insurance cost $18 and the background check cost $28. That's not too bad, but I didn't want to spend money on that stuff, you know? I had no idea this stuff was required, and the lady told me that I was supposed to be required to have those before I could sign up for those classes. My school never gets anything right. I was afraid that they were going to try to kick me out of the classes, but she said as long as my background check comes back okay she will let me stay in the classes, which it will because I've never been in any kind of trouble.
And Chris said that Brentley cried a lot today :( He said he cried himself to sleep. Just thinking about that makes me want to cry. Chris forgot about the rice crereal though, so if he cries again tomorrow he's going to try that. Hopefully that'll help.

All in all it has gone pretty good though. My education classes seem like a lot of work, plus the other classes, but I'll manage.


  1. I have to have liability and health insurance also...sigh...o well...gotta do what we have to for our babies!!!
    Glad you like your classes.

  2. I know right? I didn't even know it was possible to have liability insurance on yourself until today. Whe nhe said liability insurance, I was thinking car insurance lol.

  3. Sounds like things went well. Is it 20 hours over the whole semester? Or like 20 hours a week? I am glad you are getting into your major courses. Sounds a lot more fun than speech class. lol. How did Grace do with Chris? I know he kept her before, but I figured she probably got used to having you around. Hope things keep going well for you!

  4. Oh, I left this on one of your other posts, but I am not sure if you checked it or whatnot.

    I cannot seem to get ahold of I think it is Mindy? From the co-op. I really want to tour sometime if they allow that, but she doesn't answer her emails. Do you know how I can get ahold of her?

  5. It's just 20 hours over the whole semester plus I have to go to a board of education meeting.

    Chris said Grace did good except for waking Brentley up a couple of times lol.

    I know Mindy has a facebook. It's Mindy Giles. You might could try that. I will try to find a phone number for her.

  6. I found a number for Kim Horne. She's very nice, and she's head of the interpretive dance classes. She used to be over the whole thing, but she had twins and turned it over to Mindy. I'm sure she could either line something up for you or get you in touch with Mindy.

  7. Thank You, girl! I will try both of those. :)

    A BOE meeting? Sounds like fun though! I like going to that sort of thing.

    Awe. Does she wake him up a lot?