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Sunday, January 15, 2012


I spent hours yesterday and today loading all my pictures back on my computer. 8 discs, 7 memory cards, and 3 different websites, and I still don't have them all. I couldn't find one of my discs of Grace's second ultrasound, the disc of her birth, or the disk of her first birthday :( I know I have them somewhere, but I have no idea where :(:(:( Those are all major things! Luckly I got her ultrasound pics off of my myspace and I have a lot of her first birthday pics on my facebook, but her birth pics were personal... me with no clothes, her with no clothes, blood, etc, ect. So I don't have those. I really hope I can find that disc!! Especially since it has the video of her actually being born on it!
Then, my mom has the discs that have her second birthday party, our trip to the pumpkin patch, and Brentley's birth, so I don't have any of those pics yet either. But at least I know I can get those.
I know I wouldn't have gotten rid of the disc of her birth. I have no idea why it wasn't with all of my other memory cards and discs. It's going to dirve me nuts wondering where it is!

And even though I'm still missing all of those discs, I still already have 25 folders of pictures, and some of those have hundreds of pictures in them. I LOVE pictures lol. I would have absolutely died if I couldn't have recovered all of them.

Looking back through them all really made me sad to see how much Grace has grown up.

Can you believe it?? I seriously can't lol.

Even my baby boy has grown up so much!

Crazy isn't it??
When I was pregnant with Grace time went by incredibly slow, then I had her and time sped up. Then, I had Brentley, and time has somehow started moving even faster! I'm sad to see them grow up, but I thank God everyday that my babies are happy and growing healthy. Some parents lose that wonderful opportunity, and my heart truly goes out to them. So, while it is sad to see them grow up, I am happy that they are growing up. I guess you would say it's bittersweet.


  1. I am sorry you lost those pictures of her birth. I really hope you find them, because you are right, that is major. Do you have pictures of Brentley's birth?

    I know what you mean. I am sure we all do. I Love seeing Sam grow up, but it makes me sad to look back.

  2. My mom has the pictures of Brentley's birth, thank goodness! I'm determined to find grace's birth.