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Friday, January 6, 2012

Seriously? Just really?

My computer started running slower than its ever run before after we picked it up from the guy. My dad reccommended him and told us to take it back over there. We had only had it a week and I didn't do anything different to it. The guy claims that he didn't screw it up, that
we did somehow. Um, I beg to differ! I didn't do anything to it except go to my normal websites! Anyway, he says he has to wipe it again. We go to pick it up today and do you know what he says?? "My drive that was backing up all your files sh*t on me." Just as blunt as that (and in front of my children might I add) this man informs me that he has lost all my pictures, music, documents (school stuff, recipes, Brentley and grace's baby book stuff), everything. It's all gone! Luckily I still have all my memory cards with the pictures. If I didn't this man would be dead! I would have killed him right there. I was about to literally cry because of the pictures and baby book stuff so he was like, "well I can do what the cops do and try to recover it." I was like "yes! Please!" and he acted mad that I wanted him to do that. What the heck?? I asked him like seven times when we dropped the computer off if I needed to back my own stuff up first and he said it would all be fine. Well obviously not! I am so mad! And very sad that I lost all my information for brentley's baby book. Grace was already done and just backed up on there but Brentley's wasn't even printed off yet :( For those of you who know me, you know I am very meticulous when it comes to their baby books. I'm just so upset about all of this. It wont be done until tomorrow, so I won't know if anything was recovered until then.


  1. I would have probably jumped across whatever was between us and choked him right there. I would be extremely mad. Girl idk how you didnt choke him. And for him to talk like that to a consumer,a female, and in front of your children. Wow!!! That is just rude. WWE smack down!! AWe get all of our pictures on CDs but that still scares me because they could get scratched.

  2. Oh girl. Trust me, I can imagine! I don't know if you remember, but I am still torn up about losing the first 6 months of Samantha's videos. And I had just deleted my backup files the day before because I didn't think I needed them. Now I have 2 16 gig flashdrives that I back up my stuff on every day.

    I would be pissed at that guy for acting so unprofessional. Maybe you can start taking your computer somewhere else.

  3. I so wanted to! But my dad and my babies were there so I kept my cool. Chris was MAD though. And he made it very obvious lol. I just can't believe how uncaring and unprofessional he was about it all. First accusing me of messing it up to the point where it took literally 5 minutes to load a page in less than a week, and now this. Smh. I will never go back to him again! I'll be amazed if my computer even works when I get it back.