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Monday, January 30, 2012


Since the beginning of the year I have already lost 5 more pounds! It was great to look at the scale and see that I had lost that much in a month! I attribute it partly to weight training and partly to having to walk all the way across campus all the time.
The only thing that stinks is, I lost another pants size... okay, well that in itself doesn't stink, but the fact that the two new pairs of pants I bought right after Christmas are already too big! I really enjoyed having pants that fit for a little while lol.

My 20th birthday is Friday. On Thursday night we are going to eat with my dad at Logan's. I love Logan's! Then on Friday afternoon we are going to eat at Shogun with my mom and sister. I love Shogun too! Lol. My mom and sister have some sort of surprise for me. My sister told me that there was a surprise, but she didn't tell me what it was. Chris was wanting to take me out, but I told him to wait for Valentine's Day because I know he'll want to go out then too, so I'd rather spend my birthday with the whole family.

Not much else is going on here... Brentley's first tooth broke through! Already! He's just barely five months old :( He's growing up wayyyyyy too fast on me!


  1. Wooo! Congrats!

    Still sorry about your birthday, but I promise we will get together. Did Erica say what a good day for her was?

    Yay Brentley! Which tooth?

  2. She said any day is fine for her. Are evenings good for you? We might could go on like Monday night or something...

    It's his bottom right tooth in the middle :)