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Monday, January 2, 2012

Dates (goes with number 5 on my goals list).

I have been trying to think of fun, season appropriate dates Chris and I can go on (within our budget). I figure Brentley will start baby food in February, and he will be used to it by March, so that is when we will start going on our dates. We have both of our moms willing to watch them, so a babysitter won’t be an issue.

For March: go bowling. We are both competitive, so we like anything with a challenge.

For April: Murder Mystery Dinner Show. I have always wanted to go. It’s one of those dinner and a show things.

For May: not entirely sure. Maybe to a nature trail or to Lake Winnie.

For June: go to Coolidge Park. This is where we went on our first date. We both love going there.

For July: go swimming. This may sound dumb, but we both like to swim, so going baby free would be fun. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun with the babies too, but a different kind of fun by ourselves.

For August: go play lazer tag.

For September: go Gooney golfing.

For October: go to a haunted house. We both love them!

For November: go to dinner and a movie.

For December: go to the Rock City Enchanted Garden of Lights

We are going adjust money for one date each month. I can’t wait!


  1. Good ideas! The Murder Mystery Cafe is AWESOME!!! Definitely worth the money. We LOVE downtown for dates.

    Swimming sounds like a lot of fun too. I know what you mean though. When you have the babies, you have to hold onto them and making sure they aren't swallowing water or whatnot. I always wanted to go swimming without Sam, like I used to. As awful as that sounds. lol

  2. I've wanted to go since I was a kid lol. I love anything having to do with a mystery.

    I'm excited to get to do things with him again. When we're cooped up in the house all the time it's more tedious. Taking care of the babies, cooking, etc. I want to be able to get out and do carefree things lol.

  3. Oh yah. Then you will Love it. It is like a comedy show too, which is what I liked about it. The food...not so much. It was like an Italian buffet and I am not big on Italian.

    I can imagine. I hate being home alone all day. I Love being home with Samantha and watching Brennon, but anytime I can get out of the house I am on it. It changes things up.

  4. I love Italian lol.

    Haha yeah, I am the same way. I hate being at home. Especially now, since I hate this dumb trailer lol.