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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


At 4:28 pm, my little girl, Amberlee Grace, will be two-years-old! Oh. My. Goodness! I can't believe it has already been two years since she was born!!

She has grown so much since then. My 7lb 14oz baby is now a 35lb toddler! She can wear size 2T and size 3T, and depending on the shoe she is in a size 7 or 8.

She is also learning so quickly! She LOVES to count. She can count to ten all by herself. And she is actually counting, not just saying the numbers. She will count her toys, her fingers, and last night she was even counting her candy :p She can also say letters A - E, I, T, Y, and Z lol, and she tries her hardest to sing the ABC song. I think she will know her entire alphabet pretty soon. She can match shapes like a pro, and loves any toy that requires you to match shapes. And she knows up and down. She loves to jump saying, "Up and down. Up and down." Or turn the light on and off saying the same thing lol.
She is getting very good at talking. I would estimate that she knows about 300 words now, and she speaks in sentences up to four words! Her most used four word sentence is "(Insert name), where are you?" Usually "Cheyenne, where are you?" or "Baby, where are you?" And when she finds whoever she is looking for she will say, "There he (or she) is!" She is also using the word "I" now. She just started that the other day. She said, "I coming daddy." It. was. soooo. cute. And her newest word(s) is french fry lol. She also has started saying "thank you" again, and she actually says it appropriate times now.

My sister Cheyenne is her best friend. They are precious together. They hold hands everywhere we go and they play together really well (until they get tired). Cheyenne is the only person's name she knows. She can say Ollie, but he is a dog, so that doesn't really count lol. And she talks about Cheyenne all the time.

She is super active. She never walks. She either jumps or runs lol. And if she does walk, she likes to try to walk backwards. She even taught herself how to tumble or roll (whatever you call it).

She is an amazing big sister. She loves to hold him (with my help). She will come ask to hold him. She loves to give him hugs and kisses. She will bring her toys and lay them beside him. She will bring me a blanket and make me cover him up. She will throw his dirty diapers away for me. She has to help me give him a bath, she pours water on him and rubs him with a washcloth. She tries to share her food and drinks with him. She will get righht in his face and say, "Hi baby!" If I don't have him in my arms she will starts saying, "Baby, where are you??" She tries to tickle him. And she can't say Brentley, so when I ask her to say his name she calls him "Ollie" lol.

Things she loves:
  • Elmo
  • Playing with her dollhouse (she actually makes them have conversations lol)
  • Coloring
  • Shoes and clothes
Random things:
  • She hates vegetables and most fruits :(
  • She takes Oreos apart, eats the cream, and throws away the cookie lol.
  • She has a dollhouse person that has a purple hat on its' head and she has a purple hat. She will come out of her room all the time wearing that purple hat and carrying that doll. She has tons of hats and tons of dolls, but she never does it any other way, so I know she is intentionally trying to match that doll. It's so cute!
My favorite pictures from her first two years:

Happy birthday my beautiful little girl!!!


  1. She is Beautiful! Happy Birthday, Grace! (We will be texting you later.) ;)

    She sounds so smart! You know what taught Samantha her alphabet and recognizing them? Chicka Chick Boom Boom. It was fun and easy. She knew the whole book and as we read, we pointed to the letters.

    It breaks my heart to hear you talk about all the new things she is doing because I remember when Samantha started doing all that stuff. :(

    Good to hear that Grace is such a great big sister though! I bet you are so proud!

  2. Man I can't believe it!!! I remember when you had posted about her crawling!!! I remember seeing most of those pics!!! She is such a beautiful girl!!! And I have to say I LOVE the name Amberlee!!
    She is getting big!! How tall is she. She sounds like she is taller than my Charleigh. I swear that girl is never going to grow. We always tell her,"Charleigh,your tiny!" and she responds in a serious voice," I NOT TINY!" haha!! She is 2 1/2 and only 29lbs but the girl eats like a pig!!! A whole large pizza by herself. Insane!!
    Grace is so smart. Look at her go!!! Just like her mommy:)

  3. Brittany, I'll have to look for that book. Thanks for the suggstion!

    Jessika, I'm not sure how tall she is. Her 2 year check-up is coming up in about a week, so I'll know then. She's always been at the top of the charts for weight and height though. Takes after her daddy in that way lol.
    My goodness, a whole pizza! I can't even do that lol. Grace eats like 1, maybe 2 pieces. She's not a big eater, but she has to have something to drink almost all the time.