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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Figuring out my hobbies...

I am discovering that I like making things. I really enjoyed making the pillows and pillowcases I made awhile back, and now I'm making magnets for Christmas gifts. I have finished 29 magnets, and I am half way done with the other 21, for a total of 50 magnets. I am also planning on having Grace help me makes some ornaments for Christmas presents, and I'm going to make some small giftboxes to put the magnets in. I'm also planning on making Grace's bows from now on. I'm hoping I can get a few done to give her for Christmas.

However, my next project is going to be the letters that I am decorating for my cousins baby since her shower is next weekend. I will take some pics of all these things when I am done.

I have also discovered that I like to cook. I can't wait until we have a big enough place to have a kitchen table that we can all sit down at for dinner.
But I also discovered that I do not like to bake! I guess it has to do with how baking only yeilds one thing. If I am going to cook, I want to make a meal out of it. Not do just as much work to only get one thing.

And I have also discovered that I like to clean... okay well, I don't necessarily like to clean, but I like having a clean house. Clutter stresses me out big time.

I never would have imagined these things being my hobbies before I had kids lol.


  1. Fifty magnets?! Jeez! lol. You gotta post pics of the stuff you make when you are done. :)

    I know what you mean. I have always loved cleaning, but I just recently got really into cooking and baking and before Jessie and Samantha, I always thought I would never get married or have kids. I would be a lawyer, and well, those sort of things would not be my hobbies.

  2. It's not as much as it sounds. They are small lol.

    Well, I always knew I would have kids. I have loved being around kids since I was a kid myself lol. I always wanted to be a SAHM, but when I thought about a career I was thinking of being a pediatrician. That all changed quickly lol. But even when I wanted to be a SAHM I never pictured me cleaning, cooking, being crafty, etc. Lol.

  3. Ha Ha. That is still cool. :)

    Awe. Yah. I guess it is just interests you pick up while you are at home. Before I was at home with Samantha, I didn't show any interest in any of that-possibly because we didn't have our own place yet. But I really enjoy showing off my cooking skills and having like real meals instead of microwave meals.

    Pediatrician sounds like it would be fun, but teaching will be nice since you won't be missing any time with them. How old will Grace be when you graduate?