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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Holy crap!

$514! $514! ...That is how much my textbooks are going to cost for the spring. Excuse me while I faint...

Wow... just wow.


  1. Yup. We paid $600.00 one QUARTER! And then turned around and spend another $400.00 the next half of the quarter. It's crazy!

  2. Mine have never cost that much. The most I've spent was $250, and usually way less because I would find them on amazon. But two of the books I need have interactive online stuff, so you have to buy tem new to get the cd. Then one issn't even released yet. It realeases 12/9/11, so there won't be any used ones of it. And the other two aren't any cheaper on amazon. This sucks.

  3. Oh man. That does suck! When I went to Northwestern, we couldn't use Pell to pay for our books. We had to pay cash. And that was awful, so I tried to look online too. Maybe you can try also. They usually have some good deals. Even if it is a different edition, it usually works-based on my experience anyway.