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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Omg, omg, omg!!!

Look what Brentley did today!!

That was the second time he did it :)
And yes, he scared himself lol.

Also, I found out thay my friend Haley is going to be in the same lit class that our friend Ashley and I are in. That makes going back to school a little more exciting! Neither one of them have kids, but they are true friends. They both took off work to come to Brentley's baby shower and Grace's second birthday party, they were the first two people who came to visit in the hospital after Grace was born, and they came to see Brentley after he was born. None of my other "friends" without kids did any of that.

And this is for Erica...
(girl on the left)

Something like these. Do you think something like that would look good?


  1. I love the cut.!! And the bangs.!! I think it will look great.!!

  2. Omg!!! Brentley:)

    And that's awesome. That will help pass some time in school. They sound like some awesome friends!!! I would have been there if I could:P

    And those hair cuts are super cute. I just got my hair cut a couple weeks ago and it looks something like that.

  3. Erica, awesome! Can't wait!

    Jessika, I know you would girl. I so wish we lived closer! And I bet your hair looks cute!

  4. I would love to live up there. Get the heck out of small town Valdosta:p.
    I think you would look super cute with any of the haircuts. I like the one with more layers but that's just me:) post a pic after its done:)

  5. That is great he rolled over! Is he doing it a lot now?

    They do seem like awesome friends. Very rare somebody would do that. And it will be nice to get some time with them in school. Are they majoring in the same thing?

  6. Pretty much whenever we put him on his tummy he will roll now.

    Ashley is majoring in the same thing. Haley isn't, but her majored requried the class as well, so she requested the same one we are in.

  7. That's great! I bet he will be rolling everywhere pretty soon. That's pretty cool. So you think you and Ashley will have a lot of classes together then?