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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

News on the house...

It's not really good news, but it is promising...
He emailed us today and said that our previous landlord's number was no longer in service, and that he needed to be able to get ahold of him to be able to know what sort of tenants we are. We did not know that it was out of service, but we were able to find out what his new number is, so hopefully we will be able to get the ball rolling now.
I wish he would have called instead of emailing. I only check my emails like once a day, so I didn't check until 11pm. He had emailed at 1pm :(
But the promising thing is, he is checking our application! He didn't just pass us up and go for someone else. Also, he didn't say that anything else was wrong, and we know that our old landlord will put in a good word for us because we always paid our rent on time, and he never had any trouble out of us. So that means that if all he has left to check is out renting history, then we should get approved!
I know I am getting ahead of myself, but I can already see everything laid out in the house. I know where everything is going to go, and how I want to decorate. I just really hope it works out. We should know more tomorrow, and hopefully know if we have been approved or not by Thursday!

In other news, Chris and I helped Grace and Brentley do some salt dough ornaments today. We are going to put them in the gift baskets for grandparents as well as keep some for ourselves. We did Brentley's hand prints, but they didn't come out well, so we are going to have to re-do them. We had the dough too thick, so it bubbled up when it was cooking, and pretty much took all the detail out of the hand print. They are easy to make though, so no big deal :)


  1. Don't you hate that, when you want a place so bad that you know how everything is going to be arranged, and it seems to take forever. Email? Who emails anymore? lol.

    Awe. I gotta look up how to make those. They sound cute. :)

  2. I really do. I mean, this isn't a house I would want to buy, and live in forever, but it is the perfect house for us for now. I can see everything laid out just perfectly.

    And yeah, I was thinking who emails too. I could understand if he had tried to call and we didn't answer, but we had basically been waiting by the phone all day lol.

    The ornaments are really easy to make. Just flour, salt, and water. I'm going to put a tutorial up when I get the kids' ornaments finished.

  3. I get what you are saying. I wouldn't want to buy this apartment, but it will do us until we get a house.

    Sweet. I think I may have made some when I was little. I know we made some cookie ornaments once and the dog ate