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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Picture post :)

Daddy with his babies. I love them all so much :)

You can't really tell, but he is wearing John Deere. He has socks that go with it as well, but he kicked them off. Yep, we are definitely southern lol.

  Playing at the newly remodelled play area in the mall.

 Grace and Brentley playing in the floor. She was trying to share her Magna Doodle with him lol.

 "Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!" Lol.

 Swinging in her swing.

 After about 15 minutes of trying he finally grabbed it, on his own!

 I l.o.v.e. this picture!


  1. Such cute pictures! I Love the one of Chris with the babies and you with Brentley!

    By the way, I did not know they remodeled that play area. We are SO going today! lol

  2. Thank you :):)

    We didn't know either until Thursday we drove by, and the sign said "New play area." So we took Grace to check it our on Saturday. It's nice! And desined after the city, so it's pretty neat!
    They redid the whole mall. Like all new floors, redesigned food court, and fresh paint. It looks nice and fancy lol.

  3. Really? I will have to check it out. I knew they were remodeling the mall, but I didn't know they already finished it!

  4. They are so cute and both getting so big!!