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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween post.

The day before Halloween we went to a trunk-or-treat down the street from our house with my mom and sister. Grace did amazing. She held her candy bag and walked on her own the whole way. Even played with Cheyenne while we were waiting in the long line before it started. I didn't put her in her costume because I didn't want her to mess it up before Halloween, but now I wish I had because Grace was awful on Halloween. There was supposed to be a party at the main office for our neighborhood. Well we got there 30 minutes after it started and there was nothing left. He said he had only had four kids last year, so he planned ofr maybe ten, and forty showed up. He said they were out of everything fifteen minutes after it started :( The only thing we got to do was have their pictures made, and we are supposed to pick them up next week.
Well, that made Grace upset that she didn't get to do anything, so for the rest of the night she was in a bad mood. We got to the first tunk-or-treat, and Brentley was asleep. It was a small one, so we decided that Chris would sit in the car while I took Grace around. She would not walk. She kept pulling her legs up to where I couldn't even make her walk. She was also holding onto her candy bag for dear life. She would not let anyone put candy in it. I had to take the candy and put it in.
Then we drove to the next one. It was a big one with food, crafts, and trunk-or-treat. She was fine at first. She was riding in the stroller at first, then walking some, and she would hold her candy bag out for people. Then we came to the craft. She was thrilled to color the paper pumpkin, but we couldn't stay there all night. Other people wanted to do it, so we had to make her stop. After that there was no turning back. She was in full terrible twos mode. She would not hold her candy bag at all, and she kept trying to climb out of the stroller to go back to the coloring place. We got her a hot dog at the end, and she calmed down, but we were all freezing by this time. It was dark and only like 44 degrees. Brentley was covered up in his carseat, but I was still afraid he might get sick or Grace might get sick, so we decided to go home after that one. Unfortunately, Brentley slept the entire night, so I didn't get one single picture of him. I plan on having him and Chris get back in their matching outfits (well, Chris had a Superman shirt on), and taking some pictures of them tomorrow. Maybe Grace too because I really didn't get any good pictures of her in her costume.

Day before Halloween:


Ollie came with us as well lol.


  1. Grace is such a cutie. Thats a sweet picture of you and Chris.

  2. Thank you :) And yea, but Chris always has to ruin the picture by sticking his tongue out or something lol.

  3. Thank you :) And yea, but Chris always has to ruin the picture by sticking his tongue out or something lol.

  4. Awe. I am sorry. Samantha did the same last year. Everything we did she had to throw a huge fit, made things not as fun. But she got better as the year progressed and now she is completely out of it.

    I Love the pics of Grace and Cheyenne. They are to cute together. I know I say that every time, but it's true.

  5. Awww I know how that feels. Been there done that!!!
    I love the pic of Grace jumping!