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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Well, we would have gotten approved for the house, but our landlord decided to mess everything up.
Basically we have two landlords. One is nice, and willing to work with people. The other is a TOTAL JERK! He is the one that handles all the repairs, or should I say doesn't handle them because he never has anyone fix anything. Unfortunatey he was here before the nice guy, and hired the nice guy, so even though they hold the same position he has the final say. Well, we talked to the nice guy, and he said that they could work with us on getting out of our lease, so we start looking, find the perfect place, pay $20 to put in an application at that place... only to have that guy call our current landlord, where he gets ahold of the jerk who informs him that we will not be allowed to break our lease without penalty??? So Chris went down there today to talk to them. The jerk told him that the nice guy's decisions have to be finalized by him (the jerk), and he is not going to let us out of our lease. He said that if we break our lease, he will immediately turn us over to a collection agency. Chris brought up how they have already broken the lease about a hundred times by not fixing things within a week like the lease states that they would, but the jerk said that wasn't true. It is completely true, but we don't have proof of it all. We have proof of some of it, but not all of it :( So we are stuck here until March.
I wasn't counting on this house. I knew it was about a 50/50 chance of getting it, but I was counting on being able to move out of this crappy place soon.
Oh well, I suppose God has something better in store for us when we can move in March. I'm going to start looking two weeks before our lease is up because I will not spend a minute longer here then I have to. Not to mention that once our lease is up either the rent goes up or we have to sign another 14 month. There is no way in heck that we will sign another lease here, and also no way that I will pay $600 a month for this. That house was going to be cheaper than $600 a month and was MUCH nicer and bigger.
Just please pray that we will find the perfect place at the exact time we need it.

At least this means that we know what's going to happen for Christmas. We can set our Christmas tree up now :) That makes me happy because, as you all already know, I LOVE Christmas.
I got about half of all the presents I have for everyone wrapped today. Still have about twenty presents to wrap, plus I have to finish the gift baskets and stockings.

Also, for the people in my area, there is a Christmas Eve celebration on Christmas Eve (needless to say lol). There will be hot chocolate, apple cider, Christmas carols, and goodies for kids. If you would like more info, feel free to text me :)
We will more than likely be there. I have been looking for some indoor Christmas activities to take the babies to since Brentley is too young to do any outdoor activities.


  1. WHAT?! That guy is a jerk. I am so sorry, girl. But you are right. There may be better plans. $600 a month is ridiculous! We pay $600 here (which I still think is ridiculous for a tiny apartment), but he furnishes the washer and dryer and pays the water.

    Oh yes, I'm going to text you about the Christmas Eve party today. I still gotta text you back from last night. We have so much to do this month! I am just going to be glad to be out of the house though and getting to spend some time with Samantha.

  2. That sucks!!

    I don't know about there.. But in Ohio they can't just report you to the collection agency until they take you to court suing you for the money. And also if they rerent the property out you don't have to pay because that would mean they were getting 2 rents for 1 place. If that makes any sense.

    Hopefully everything works out. At least now you have this to hold over their heads and whenever something breaks you can let them know that they are breaking the lease and if it isn't fixed within the time period stated in your lease you're moving. Lol.