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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Almost done!

Yesterday, my mom and I decided to go Christmas shopping with the kids. I know Christmas shopping with the kids is not what people normally do, but I can't leave Brentley with anyone anyway, and we didn't have anyone to watch Grace and Cheyenne on the spur of the moment like that either, so we all went. I spent $100 and got most of my Christmas shopping done!!

For $100 I got:
  • LeapFrog Scribble and Write (for Grace) --- On sale, $6 off!
  • Two things of bubblebath (for Grace's stocking) --- On sale, two for $3!
  • Two body wash (one for Grace's stocking, one for Cheyenne --- On sale, two for 3!
  • Four nice sippy cups (for Brentley) --- On sale, $6 off!
  • Our family ornament
  • Brentley's First Christmas ornament
  • Three Christmas baskets
  • Two stockings
  • A Tootsie Roll container full of Tootsie Rolls (for Grace's stocking)
  • Two Sesame Street bath books (for Grace)
  • A shark teether and a turtle teether (for Brentley's stocking)
  • Two spoons (for Brentley's stocking)
  • Three picture frames
  • Five different things of wrapping paper
  • Five cookie cutters
  • A Christmas card for Chris' mom and step-dad
  • A Christmas card for my dad
  • A Christmas card for the babies to give my dad
  • A Baby's first Christmas card for Brentley
  • Four things of batteries
  • Some Christmas plastic baggies 

The only things I have left to get now are an ornament for Grace, possibly a CD for my mom, cards for several people, and getting the kids Christmas pictures done, then I will be done shopping. I'll move on to wrapping and getting the gift baskets/stockings together then :) Chris still wants to get the Kinect game for Grace and something for Brentley, but he always waits until last minute, so that's up to him lol.

I am officially done present shopping for the babies for sure.

Grace is going to get:
  • The Tag Junior
  • The carrying case for it
  • Three Sesame Street books for it
  • Two Sesame Street bath books
  • About ten Barney books
  • The LeapFrog Scribble and Write
  • Two Elmo cups and an Elmo plate
  • The deluxe cleaning set
  • The Polar Express (actually for Brentley too)
  • A Disney Princess toothbrush and cup set
  • The pillow and pillowcase I made
  • The letter magnets I'm going to make
Brentley is going to get:
  • The Jumperroo
  • The monogrammed blanket
  • The four sippy cups
  • A piggy bank
  • A blue sock monkey
  • A Disney Cars toothbrush and cup set (I know he can't use it yet, but he will eventually lol)
  • The pillow and pillowcase I made
  • The letter magnets I am going to make (that he also can't use until older)
(Brentley is not getting quite as many things because I ran out of ideas for things to buy a (going-to-be) four month old, but he is actually getting more than Grace got on her first Christmas.)

And, for Grace's stocking:
  • Two things of bubble bath
  • A thing of bath wash
  • A small pink sock monkey
  • A little name plate
  • Gummy vitamins
  • A container of Tootsie Rolls
  • A card
For Brentley's stocking:
  • A Christmas rubber duck
  • A small blue sock monkey
  • Two teethers
  • Two baby spoons
  • A card 


  1. Goo deals! All that for only $100.00?

    Wow! Grace is going to get some good stuff. :) Leap Frog is the way to go. I have never bought her something Leap Frog that she didn't like or that I didn't like.

    Yah. Samantha didn't get too much for her first Christmas either. She was only 3 months.

  2. Yep, Dollar Tree and sales! Toys-R-Us and Babies-R-Us both have some great sales going on right now. And of course everything in Dollar Tree is $1 lol. I spent $36 in there :p The only things I didn't buy on sale were the ornaments. I got them at that cart in the mall. Can we say expensive? Lol. I didn't like any others I had seen anywhere else though...

    My aunt got her a LeapFrog Text and Learn for her birthday... She is in love with that thing! She takes it everywhere we go lol.

  3. Very nice. Love the Dollar Tree. But I have no clue how you found 36 things there to get! I usually find about 10 or less. Uh. Yah. That cart is crazy, but they have such good ornaments. Which ones did ya'll get? Got pics?

    Awe. That's awesome. What is the Text and Learn?