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Monday, November 28, 2011

Cross your fingers!!

We put in an application for a house today. We talked to our current landlord about moving, and we made a deal with them that we would give them a 30 day notice before we moved. We started looking on craigslist, but hadn't found anything that really suited us, but yesterday I saw a place. It's at the high end of our price range, but we can make it work. It is just perfect... it's a brick house with a covered porch. It has brand new hardwood floors in the living room, dining room, and hallway, brand new carpet in the bedrooms, and brand new paint in all the rooms. The counter tops look brand new, and there are ceiling fans in the living room and two of the bedrooms. It's in a quiet neighborhood off the main road with a nice flat yard. It has three bedrooms, and one and a half baths. It also has washer and dryer hook ups. The kitchen is small... about the same size as the kitchen we have now, but it's nicer than the kitchen we have now, and has more cabinet space. And everything else in the house is bigger! There are closets in every bedroom, plus a closet in the living room by the front door, and a closet in the bathroom. There is also an attic for storage as well! We need storage space like that. We really, really want this place. My dad said he would help us with the deposit if we get it since we are going to have to pay rent here and first months rent there.
My dad is also moving into his own house that he is buying, and he is going to give us a nice table with four chairs, and a basically new nice bed with a basically new mattress and box springs. We would have such a nice place. The guy acted like we would get approved. I so hope we do!! It is perfect for our family.

The only thing I'm upset about is Christmas. I'm afraid that this is going to mess up Christmas for the kids. I don't know when we would get to move in there, so I don't know where we would have our Christmas tree or if we will even be able to have a Christmas tree this year because I don't want to set it up here if we are going to be moving:( I figure that if we don't have a Christmas tree we will set up their presents at my mom's house, and take them over there on Christmas morning. That way they can still have a good Christmas with a Christmas tree.

Just please keep your fingers crossed that we get approved for this place!!

Also, these are the only pictures I got on Thanksgiving (taken with my mom's phone)...

He was falling asleep lol.


  1. Cute pics.

    I hope ya'll get that house! It sounds really nice! Keep us updated!

  2. Also, that sounds like a good idea to do it at your Mom's. They are too young to understand anyway, especially Brentley. Grace may remember it next year, but she probably isn't going to care.

  3. Thank you :) I will!
    I know they won't really remember, but I will lol. I love Christmas, so it makes me sad that I may not really get to enjoy it this year, but I know that getting an actual house that would really fit our family would be worth it.

  4. Oh yes! I am sure it will! And they will still enjoy it. Just make sure to make time to celebrate. Take time out to do the stuff you normally would do leading up to Christmas. And maybe try your hardest to put out the tree and make it the last thing you move out of the house.