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Saturday, November 5, 2011


I'm getting ahead of myself with all of this talk of Christmas lol. We figured out what we are going to do for Thanksgiving. Last year we had it at our place, but our apartment had a much bigger livingroom and a somewhat bigger kitchen. Plus we just got this couch, and we don't even eat on it, so we don't want anyone else eating on it either, but there would be nowhere for anyone to sit and eat if they can't sit on the giant couch lol. So my mom and I talked about it, and we decided that we are going to do it at her house this year because there is just no way it would really work here... too many people.

Now I'm going to back track a bit...
Chris' mom is freaking out because we said we didn't know if we would be able to make it to Glen's parents for Thanksgiving. Glen is Chris' step-dad (whom Chris doesn't particularly care for). My parents have been apart since I was two, and I always had to spend every Thanksgiving with my dad per court order. I hated not getting to eat Thanksgiving dinner with my mom. Last year was the first year that I actually got to eat Thanksgiving dinner with her that I can actually remember. I told Chris that I am not giving that up to go to his step-dad's parent's house. My kids are not even related to them, much less me! They are nice and all, but I want to spend it with my actual family. So, we are having to work around this crap because now his mom is all up in the air... way, way up in the air :( They are eating at 1pm, which wouldn't be a big deal if I didn't have to cook, so we decided that Chris would drop Brentley and me off at my mom's, then him and Grace would go over there for awhile while my mom and I cook. Hopefully that will be enough to appease his mother. Then we are going to eat around 6pm at my mom's, which she is invited to. I could understand her being mad if I was telling her she couldn't come to our dinner, but that is not the case at all.
She did the same thing on Grace's birthday. She was mad that we didn't want her to come to CiCi's with us. We just wanted it to be the four of us. No one else. I would understand if my mom was coming, and we didn't want his mom there, but again, that wasn't the case. We told her we would bring Grace by afterwards, and she flat out said no. We took Grace anyway because she would have never let us live it down if we didn't... it would have been "You didn't let me see her on her birthday!" for the rest of eternity. But the whole time we were there she kept telling Chris, "You've done pissed me off." She kept saying that right infront of Grace. I felt like saying, "Look woman, it's Grace's birthday, not yours, and we are her parents, not you. We decide how we want her to spend her birthday. NOT YOU!" But that would have started World War 3, so I just kept my mouth shut. Maybe I am over-reacting... I don't know.
Okay, so I just got wayyyyy off track there lol. Sorry, I needed to vent.

But anyway, I think we got Thanksgiving figured out, and she will just have to be happy with just Chris and Grace going to Glen's parent's house.

My mom and I planned the menu...
  • Turkey
  • Ham
  • Maccaroni and cheese
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Green Beans
  • Corn
  • Stuffing
  • Sweet potatoe casserole
  • Rolls
  • Devilled eggs
  • Cranberry sauce
  • Sliced tomatoes
  • Pickles
  • Pumpkin pie
  • And maybe another type of pie
Okay, now I'm hungry lol. And yes, I like lists. I'm very OCD when it comes to things like that.

We are going to have my mom, sister, brother, dad, grandmother, and at least two cousins, Chris' mom, brother, and step-dad, and of course, Chris, Brentley, Grace, and me, and possibly a family of five that my mom knows (long story) there, so we will have to makes LOTS of food.

I'm excited though. It'll be Brentley's first Thanksgiving! I saw a shirt at Babies-R-Us yesterday that was very cute. It said "I'm Stuffed." Totally Brentley! I think I am going to go back and get it for him to wear. Now lets just hope he doesn't poop all over it like Grace did to her outfit on her first Thanksgiving LOL.


  1. Sounds like good plans for Thanksgiving. I am going shopping for stuff today after church.

    Okay, you are SO NOT overreacting. Lynn does the SAME thing to me. She throws a fit when she is not a part of everything. But SHE is not Samantha's Mom, as much as she would like to tell people she is. (She actually told someone Samantha was HERS while I was standing right there. I was like WHat?!) Anyway, what we usually do, and it works for us because Jessie's family is not big on holidays. We do Thanksgiving or whatever holiday with my family. And the day after with his. And then we visit our other family, family that we just visit on holidays after we are done with our big celebration with my family.

    Hope your holidays go well. It does suck to have to coordinate with everyone, so stressful. :/ Jessie and I are just about to start saying. We are doing everything here. If you want to see us, you can come to us. lol.

  2. Why on earth does she claim Sami as hers? And right in front of you? That's insane! Not even Chris' mom goes that far (at least not that I know of lol). She did steal my mom's name... she has always been Grandma and my mom has always been Grammy. Well, she has started calling herself Grammmy. She is jealous of my mom because my mom gets to see the kids more, but it's not my fault she is always working!

  3. This post made me super hungry! Okay so I am officialy inviting myself over JK JK :)

  4. Yah! And when I said something, she said, "Well, she IS a Nanny's girl. I am her favorite. And I have pretty much raised her." I was so embarrassed because that is SO NOT true! She never even babysits her. She made me look like world's worst mother.
    That's crazy! That's okay though. Give your Mom a special name, like Dum. lol. My Mom Loves her name, and I am so used to hearing her call her Dum that I think it is a normal name for a grandma.

  5. I know the feeling my mom is like that. It's ridiculous!!!
    I hope everything goes g

  6. Accidentally pushed the wrong button.....
    I hope everything goes good for y'all.