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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Proud of myself..

I have been a busy bee since I got out of school. I don't know why, but I feel like when I'm out of school I have to be doing something so I start cleaning like a maniac. I usually don't like cleaning, but for some reason it has felt good to clean for the past week or so.
I also finally started getting everything together for my pregnancy scrapbook for Brentley. I got ink for my printer, and printed everything off. I started working on it, but haven't gotten much of it done yet. I also ordered the pictures I need for it. They should be here in a week or so. I am going to work on it more at work Friday, so I should have some pictures of it soon.
Then today Grace and I dropped Chris off at the Y so he could work out while we went to Hobby Lobby and McKays. At Hobby Lobby we got the wooden letters we needed to hang on Brentley's wall. Grace and I unknowingly stole a G. I was letting her hold a G, and forgot about it. It got stuck in her stroller and I didn't see it until we got to McKays. It was only $2, but I really feel bad. If I remember, next time we go to the Y I want to take the G back because Hobby Lobby is 2 seconds away from the Y.
But anyway.. I went to McKays to try to sale the rest of my school books. I had three that my school wouldn't take back. They took two of them! I guess I'll just throw the other one away because that was my last option for it. Grace and I looked at some books, and I got her 8 Barney books for $4. One was only $0.05! The most expensive one I bought was only $1, and it's in perfect condition. It's a board book, and it's Barney's 12 Days of Christmas. I am going to save it and give it to her for Christmas :)

When we got home Grace was ready for a nap, so I got her to sleep, then I decided to organize Brentley's room. I had been just kind of throwing things in there in boxes for him, but this is what it looks like now.
That was Grace's bassinet, but we are recycling it for Brentley lol.

His dresser/changing table. The black bin has a few random things like a paci holder, monitors, a thing of wipes, a set of spoons, and a bib. The Easter basket has his toys in it.

These are the letters we got today. I will eventually paint them blue and hang them on his wall.

Inside his dresser. All the clothes have been washed, folded, and organized by size.

His sleepers. Also all washed, folded, and organized by size.

His closet. All also washed and organized by size.

Pretty much all we need for his room now is his bed set, a bouncer/vibrating seat, and a changing table pad :)

I also decided on the decorations for his baby shower. Erica is going to make my shower cake for me :) And it is going to look similar to this..
I couldn't find the exact picture, but this is similar.

So I decided to center the theme around the cake, and found the perfect decorations :)

This is just an example of the banner and a napkin. But I think it's really cute! And it's boy-ish with the blue. After pricing it all out I expect to spend anywhere from $100-$150 all together on the shower. I am big into event planning, so I go all out lol.

Last thing.. I also decided that I am going to make both Grace and Brentley a pillow case for Christmas that will match their bedrooms. Grace's will be easy because I'm sure there is tons of Disney Princess fabric. Brentley's fabric may be a little bit harder, but if I have to I can use the Disney Cars theme for his that way he can use it after he is a baby too. I am going to start on these soon, and hopefully I will have them complete before Brentley gets here.


  1. His room looks so good. Been a busy momma! HAHA!! Looks like you have been nesting like crazy =) Wow he already has a lot of clothes. I think more than Ellanoa. LOL!!!
    Pillow cases are a good idea. Cant wait to see them.

  2. Lol almost all of the clothes have been given to us. We have bought 1 outfit, the lil bro shirt, and the two superman onesies for him.. so I can only take credit for organizing the clothes :p

    I'm going to go back to Hobby Lobby soon and buy the fabric. I bought the needles, thread, and push pins today. It'll probably take me awhile to do them because I want them to be perfect, but I'll do some updating posts. I made Chris a whole pillow a long time ago, and his brother purposely desstroyed it :(

  3. Lol. You did an awesome job!

    Noooo....why did he destroy it?

  4. :) Very nice. Organizing is always good! I Love his crib. By the way, how is Grace doing in her big girl bed?

    As far as your books go, have you tried Craigslist? or

  5. Jessika.. Chris' brother is a spoiled brat. I really cannot stand him. He's ten years old and he acts like a two year old going through his terrible twos. He's only gotten worse the longer Chris and I have been together. And when he doesn't get his way he goes off.. apparently one day Chris stopped him from getting his way somehow, so he snuck in Chris' room and drew all over the pillow with a black sharpi. It was a red pillow, so it was completely destroyed. He also scribbled out the word "love" and a picture I drew for Chris, and wrote "hate." It wasn't just some doodle either. That thing had taken me hours to draw.

    Brittany.. She is doing alright. I have been able to get her to sleep half the night in it every night since we got it, but never more. She always wakes up and wants to get in our bed..
    And the reason no one will take the book is because it's an old edition. I bought the right edition on Amazon and they sent me the old edition. By then my classes were starting, and I couldn't send it back without being without a book for two weeks, so I made it work. No one uses that edition anymore, so no one wants to buy it from me.

  6. Jessika.. that is supposed to say "the word "love" ON a picture I drew for Chris." Not and..

  7. That's good. When Samantha was doing that, I would just go lay back down with her in her bed until she fell asleep or until we both fell asleep. lol. Eventually she got the picture. Then, just recently, she ended up back in our bed. And now she goes to sleep in the living room to her Baby Music because I don't want a TV in her room...We've really gotta work on her sleep habits. lol. Oh okay. That makes sense. :( That sucks. I used to buy the wrong edition on purpose. It was MUCH cheaper and had pretty much the same stuff.