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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pictures :):)

Grace and I went to my friend Hannah's baby shower today. She is due with a little girl at the end of June. Her baby shower was a local park called Riverfront Park, and it was really pretty outside today so I got some really good pictures!

She loved playing around that tree.

I really like this one. I made it my profile picture on facebook. For some reason the pictures always show up better on facebook then they do on here :(

She was obsessed with the water. She wanted to go down there so bad. I promised her we would take her swimming tomorrow.

She was trying to get me to take her down there lol.

Her and her funny faces :p

She was laughing at me and eating at the same time :p

I also got the paper I needed for my pregnancy scrapbook for Brentley. I have it almost completely up to date now! There are a few things that I need, but for the most part it's coming together. I am proud of myself because lots of people had told me that I wasn't going to have time to be that detailed with my second because I would be spending my time taking care of the first. I understand that, but I make time for it because it is something really special and important to me. I'm going to do the same thing for Brentley that I did for Grace.. a pregnancy scrapbook, an entire first year detailed scrapbook/baby book, a regular fill-in-the-blank baby book, and a journal from 13 months on. Plus I am going to have family holiday scrapbooks.. one specifically for Christmasses, and one for all the other holidays combined. I am big on scrapbooks lol.


  1. Love the pics! Ya. I think people say stuff like that because they don't make time for it. People told me that once Samantha got older I wouldn't be able to keep her clothes organized and color coded or that I wouldn't stick to certain rules, etc. The scrapbook idea sounds great! I wish I was into that sort of thing. I LOVE the one you made for Grace! I just do that journal for Samantha. It is sort of messy, but I really enjoy doing it and I know she will enjoy going through it and seeing all the cool things I have stuffed in there over the years.

  2. I am really bad about keeping up with Grace's journal. I really need to get on it better. It's been forever since I have written in it. I just don't like writing as much as I do scrapbooking, but I don't have the time or money to keep a scrapbook for the rest of Grace's life lol.
    Ohh and I also want to have one of those school books for each of them like the one you have for Sami, but I cannot find them anywhere.. even online :(

  3. Really? Well, I will have my Aunt keep an eye out at Sam's. They have stuff like that all the time.

    Ya. I can believe that would get expensive! I have been writing a lot in my blog, and only major things in her Baby book and then of course updates on her progress, so I think I am going to print out both my blogs, this one and the one on homeschooling and put them in a binder or something too with her Baby book. She is going to know WAY too much about her babyhood. lol.

  4. I try to keep track of 3 baby books. It is hard with more than one but it isn't impossible.
    Grace is getting so big. She is always so darn cute and you always dress her so well =)

  5. Aww thank you girl. That means a lot to me because I am very picky about what she wears lol.