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Sunday, May 1, 2011

A couple of good days..

My mom used to go to this place called America's Thrift Store all the time when my sister was a baby, and she would get great deals, but when we moved to Dalton we were so far away that I didn't even think about it. Then my dad was telling me about how his boss went there and got all this great stuff for his two kids. He wanted me to meet him there yesterday, so we could pick out some stuff, and he said he would pay for it, so Grace and I went yesterday. We got there before him, and by the time he got there I had already been through everything in Grace's size. Then we moved to the boy stuff. Then stuff in my size.
I am very picky when it comes to used stuff. It has to look brand new.. no stains, holes, not out of date, etc. so I didn't think I would find much for any of us, but I actually found a lot! I found 3 shirts, a skirt, and a pair of maternity pants for me.
Then I took pictures of the stuff I found for the babies..

This is the stuff I got for Grace..
I have always wanted a raincoat for Grace, but they are pricey because they don't make them much. I found this one for $1.50!! It's a 3T, so she won't be able to wear it for awhile, but for that price I couldn't pass it up.

She can wear this jacket this winter :) It's even nicer then it looks in this picture. It's got a really soft black inside. It's also reversable, but I like it best this way. $2.50.

Just some pants and a shirt I found that I thought were cute. Both were $1.50 each.

This dress was so cute, and it had the bottoms. It looks brand new. No stains or anything, which is amazing for it being white. It was $2.50.

This dress was $1.50 :)

This is a swimsuit cover for $1.50. I have been looking for one of these at consignment sales and in stores.

This is the stuff I got for Brentley..
Erica got Grace a Carter's Big Sister shirt, and I found this Carter's Little Brother shirt. I think it was $1.50. The blue zebra onesie still had the tags on it, and it was $1.50. The U.S.A. onesie was only $0.79. My dad really wanted me to get it lol.

I didn't get a great picture of these, but these are all outfits. The ones on the left and right are newborn. I can't remember the price on these (I took all the tags off the boy stuff because I washed it today), but none of them were more than $2.

All of this stuff plus my stuff was $39.95! I am definitely going to be shopping there more often! It was nice to get out and do something normal. Took my mind off the devastation for a little bit. It's hard to even go on facebook at this point because there is new pictures of destruction everytime I get on.
Chris also surprised me today. He set it up so that his mom would watch Grace, and he took me to see Fast Five. We love the Fast and the Furious movies. He also bought me a coke and popcorn. It was so good! First time we've been out together without Grace in awhile too.
Unfortunately when I get off here we are going to clean our fridge out. We lost pretty much everything in it, but we were waiting to clean it out because we didn't want all that food rotting in the garbage can. The garbage man comes in the morning, so we are doing it tonight. Then I have a final tomorrow morning. I am going to have to drive past Ringgold for the first time since the tornado. I am not thrilled about that.. it's going to be so sad.

A bit of happy news.. my cousin's house is going to have to be torn down and completely rebuilt, but they have been able to go in and get somethings. They got their van out of the garage, and it is perfectly fine. They got her husbands camping/hiking gear and her jewelry too. They can't go in without an escort though, and they can't go upstairs. However, I think the best news is that yesterday their neighbor found their dog Chili alive and well, and today their dog Oreo came running out of the woods alive and well too! They were in the garage when the tornado hit, and the whole front of the garage was ripped off, but the dogs are fine :) God was with those dogs!


  1. That is awesome. I am really picky about used clothes too! REALLY PICKY!! Love the clothes. Especially the boy...I'm dying for another
    Sorry you have to drive past that.
    That is sad about your cousins house but awesome about their dogs. I know the feeling over a lost Maggie girl got out .... She usually comes home but she didn't. Over a week.....Kaedyn keeps asking for's so sad.

  2. I was excited that I actually found some stuff, but they have a whole wall for girls, and a whole wall for boys, and that's all I found that suited my used tastes lol.

    I didn't know about your dog. I'm sorry to hear that. Is Maggie the German Shepard or the other one? Have you tried the shelters in the area?

  3. I told you, girl. That place is AWESOME! She will be able to ear 3T before you know it! Trust me! Samantha can wear some 3s, but she mostly wears 4s!