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Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day :)

My Mother's Day was very good :) When we got up Chris took Grace in the bedroom, and I heard him saying "Take it to mommy." Grace came running down the hall with my Mother's Day present in hand. She had a huge smile on her face, and she was so proud of herself for bringing it to me. I just love watching the way she reacts sometimes.
She gave me a bib (for Brentley) that says "I love mommy" and a really cute card that Chris signed and then had Grace "sign" it. He also gave me a huge brownie :)
It was nice because we had been talking about how we really didn't have a lot of money, so I told him we would get our moms some stuff, and he didn't have to worry about getting me anything, so I wasn't expecting it at all.

Later in the day we went to Chris' mom's house. We got her a rosebush (because that's what she wanted). She really liked it. We also gave her a copy of Brentley's last ultrasound pic because she had been wanting one of those too.

Then today I went with my mom, sister, nana, and Grace to eat at Olive Garden for Mother's Day. We decided to go today because we didn't want to fight the crowds yesterday.. for any of you who were at Logan's with us, I'm sure you can imagine why I didn't want to. Surprisingly, Grace did amazing today at the restaurant. I took a pudding cup and a coloring book. Once she started to get restless I gave her the pudding cup, and let her go at it. Then when she got bored with that I gave her the coloring book. I was so proud of her. She tried to get up a couple of times, but I made her sit down, and she didn't fight it. I planned on paying for my mom's food as her Mother's Day present, but she wouldn't let me. I did have Grace make her and my nana cards, but I really would like to get my mom something.. I just don't know what yet.
-- Also, a little side note on my nana. She has had a few mini strokes recently. Nothing that has hurt her, but they don't know what is causing them, and they are getting progressively worse. She went to a neurologist, and they found nothing. Somehow though they found out something about her heart muscle being weak, so she is going to a cardiologist this week to find out if that has something to do with it. Please just keep her in your prayers. Hopefully this is fixable!

In other news.. I have been thinking a lot lately about how blessed I truly am. Sometimes I forget that having children is not always guaranteed. This is a little bit TMI, but Chris and I had unprotected sex on and off (more unprotected than protected) for ten months before I got pregnant with Grace. We weren't trying to have a baby, we were just being dumb, but still I knew that having unprotected sex is what made a baby, so there were many times I caught myself wondering if there was something wrong with me. At the time I was glad I wasn't pregnant, but I also wondered WHY I wasn't pregnant. It was a scary thought because I have wanted children for as long as I can remember. Now obviously I eventually did end up pregnant lol. I am honestly not sure why I didn't get pregnant sooner. Especially considering I got pregnant with Brentley the only time our protection failed lol. I suppose all of this is just part of God's plan for me. I do know that I am very thankful to God that I am able to have children so easily. I often wonder why I am worthy to have children when there are so many women out there who are desperately trying to have a baby and cannot. I have had two cousins who struggled with infertility. One got pregnant within a couple of months and had a normal pregnancy, then when they decided to have a second baby she had 3 miscarriages before she finally was able to carry another baby to term. My other cousin is a guy, but his wife had four miscarriages, and they finally decided to adopt. They were in the adoption process of a little girl when they found out they were expecting. His wife was actually too far along when it was time to go pick up their adopted child (she was somewhere in Asia), so my cousin had to go pick her up and bring her back on his own. Not too long after his wife gave birth, so they got two babies who were almost a year apart at the same time lol.
I just cannot imagine losing a baby or multiple babies, and having that hopeless feeling of never having a child.
Again, I just want to thank God for giving me the ability to be a mother!! I just felt like I needed to say that.

We are taking Grace to Coolidge Park tomorrow to play in the fountain for the first time, so I should have pictures of that up sometime soon :)


  1. With Samantha it took 3 months, but I wondered what was wrong with me too because (TMI) we tried a LOT. We REALLY wanted a Baby.
    For some reason, getting pregnant a 2nd time is really easy, especially if you are a teenager. lol. (I'm just kidding, but if you ever notice, teenagers usually have more than one kid back to back, even if they are using protection.)
    Also, my Mom knew a lady who couldn't have kids, so she decided to adopt from Asia. And not long after they got the baby, or maybe right before, she found out she was pregnant with TWINS! lol.
    I feel so Blessed to have Samantha. I honestly wouldn't know what to do without her. And on Mother's Day, I always feel bad for those without kids, who want kids, and don't have them, for any reason. Even if they don't have enough money. Or if they just can't. Or maybe they aren't married. That sort of thing. I just feel bad.

  2. I feel bad for them too. I follow a lady on here who lives in Ringgold. This year she got to have her first mother's day, but she posted a link to a post for mother's day of 2009 and it was so sad. She was talking about how she managed not to cry on mother's day so she was proud of herself, but she couldn't stop thinking about how bad she wanted a baby, and how she hoped that the next year she would have one. She had had two miscarriages. It was very sad to read, but I was very happy for her to finally be able to have a happy mother's day!